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Discussion in 'Mechanic and Repair' started by Randy291, May 15, 2018.

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    Hello I could use some help. I have a FC420V Kawasaki engine on my scagg walk behind. When cutting around the pond it slipped on the edge and went into the water all the way in. I so far have drained oil by turning unit upside down. I couldn't get drain plug out. I also drained carb bowl and tank. Pulled spark plug and replaced. Refilled oil and gas. Pulled OHV cover off and cleaned out milky oil. I was able to get it run for about 4 min and it shut off. Now engine turns over but not starting. Back friring from exhaust and carb a bit when i try too start. It seems to want to run but with very little effort. Sort of like a weak chug a lug a lug a lug puff of smoke .
    Any helpful suggestions besides keeping it out off the pond? Thanks
  2. BigFish

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    It may still be havin' a water problem. I would've pulled the tank removed the valve/fitting and blown it out with comp. air, then let sit in sun to air/dry out. Carb should come apart, draining bowl aint good 'nuff.
    Check the valves , could have one sticking. Coils could be wet inside.
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    Repeat everything you did above but get that drain plug broken free and drain the oil properly. When was the last time you removed it? Should be at least once a season.....
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    Yea, had to do that too.....Long story short, I had to take the engine, carb etc completely apart, cleaned everything sprayed everything down with oil.....one thing you might want to check are any electrical connections on the machine it self if that went under too. blow them out then hit them with some crc electrical connection cleaner. Could be an intermittent ground.
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    Bummer, that would of stressed me right out. Best of luck
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    As Breeze mentioned, could be electrical, unplug the kill wire to isolate the engine from the machine. But if ya gots the igniter system, gonna be a tough call. If it still acts stupid, and all else checks out, just replace the igniter and coil and be done with it.
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    What does igniter do? Is it a safety switch for killing the spark when blades are running or mower in gear and safety handle switch is released? that if bypassed you can the test and see if mower will run? Or is it more directly connected to coil and spark?.
  10. BigFish

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    Read the manual.

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