Engine troubles on an 85 volvo

Discussion in 'Mechanic and Repair' started by cybergeek, Dec 27, 2001.

  1. cybergeek

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    I need advice on what could cause a 1985 Volvo model 760 GLE turbo to not start. The engine is a D24t turbocharged diesel; 6 cyl. I ve tried replacing the battery, fuel treatments, using a starting unit. I've even tested all accesable electrical components with a test light and everything tested okay. I keep the car plugged up and charged up. What sould I do???:confused:
  2. cybergeek

    cybergeek LawnSite Member
    from SE. Va.
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    Please help me. I need the car to get to school!!!:( :confused:
  3. Remo Sid

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    Does the starter turn the engine?, or will it not start when turning the engine? If the engine will crank over, you may not be getting fuel to the injectors. If the system has a bleeder srew ( it will be on the fuel pump) loosen it while cranking the engine to see what kind of pressure you have. You may have air in system ( have you ran low of fuel? ) The fuel filter could be dirty or have water in it. You may have to try using starter fluid If the temp. is real cold where you live. It could be the glowplugs, or heater whichever you have. If it has glow plugs they will be screwed in to the head, much like a gasoline engines sparkplugs. Make sure there is power getting to them ( they are fused, check fuses ). If it has a heater it will be in the air intake manifold. Check that it is getting power. Hollar back if this doesn't help.:blob3:
  4. cybergeek

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    from SE. Va.
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    The glow plugs have power going to them. With the engine being electronically fuel injected, there is little or no way for me to use ether(starting fluid). The engine block heater is working fine. It attempts to start but doesn't have the mystery ingredient to start it. I just replaced the air filter today. Yet more bad news has risen. 1 of the window motor failed today, and oil is leaking from something. I think I might just cut my losses and say ciao' to it, capiche.. :mad: :angry: :cry: I love the car, but I cannot continue to keep buying parts when they are; A- hard to find, and B-very expensive.:( :cry:
  5. greens1

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    You can still spray starter fluid into the air intake, where you change the air filter.

    In the case of diesel engines it is rarely the electircal system, if the car will crank over. Remember diesel's don't need a ignition system!

    With most diesel engines the problem, when it won't start, lies in the fuel system.

    1) If you don't have a Hayns (SP) or Chilton manual then buy one!

    2) Locate the bleeder screw on the high pressure pump, wear safety glasses. Have a friend crank the engine while you loosen the bleeder screw. If no fuel comes out, after repeated attempts, then locate and replace the fuel filter then repeat the test.

    If no fuel comes out then your problem is most likely the fuel pump.

    Most diesels have two fuel pumps. One to transfer fuel from the tank to the high pressure pump, then the high pressure pump transfers fuel to the injectors.

    Try the forementiond and then post if the fuel pump is not the problem.

    Good Luck,
    Jim L
  6. John DiMartino

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    Just a warning on ether,I dont know if it has one or not,but my Dodge /Cummins has intake heaters,they get red hot,1500 degrees when cycled.if you spray ether in the airbox .and crank,Kaboom,it will explode,if there's lots of ether,it will be ugly.There is a big warning sticker on the airbox of my Dodge about this.it does sound like its out offuel,the transfer pump isnt working,or the fuel gelled.

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