Engineers who think they can design walls from there desk...

Discussion in 'Hardscaping' started by mrusk, Sep 13, 2007.

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    Curious if you would have a pic where they wanted the wall.

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    I can believe that. I worked for a consulting firm that took soil samples of dirt and rock and the engineers then designed the foundations.One time i was in the middle of Ohio and it was pounding rain and we had 70 mph winds. I called my boss to tell him that the field we were going to go into was to wet.He said just a sec let me look at the radar and see how much rain they have gotten. He told me go ahead and drive into the field it does not show that it has rained much. I told him the rig was going to sink and he told me it should be OK.I got about 20 yard into the field and called and told him i was stuck and had mud up to the doors.He then again told me it should not be that muddy. My boss was an engineer.:drinkup: :drinkup:
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    Nothing is impossible. I am building a wall a local college right now we hit rock putting in the base and some of the rock was passed the face of the wall. We ended up hammering out the rock to get the base in and enough for the wall and the geogrid ad per my shop drawings. Where the rock can not be removed cost affectively rock anchors can be drilled in the face of the rock and then steel pipe is attached and the geogrid attaches to the pipe it is a standard detail.
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    Nac where have you been??? I have been trying to call you for weeks! You get a new cell # or something?
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    I broke my phone about 2-3 weeks ago have been using a nother phone and number now I am back to my original number.
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    I don't really know what kind of engineers you guys have over there but down here most jobs that need one they usually call you after all the soil test, elevation, grading etc. have previously being set.
    Now tell me they call you to do this 4000 sqf. job because you have done how many like this before?
    Honestly I don't really believe this specially coming from NJ where they require even a 2' wall to be engineered.
    And also how can he design a wall of this height without knowing what type of soil will it hold, The more I read you post the more I think this person you are trying to portrait is no real.
    And if you ever prove me wrong I will eat my words.
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    Since your from NY you are welcome to take a feild trip one day and see any job we are working on or previously worked on. I have nothing to hide.
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