Engines...a difference worth mentioning?

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by Envy Lawn Service, Aug 31, 2003.

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    Over time there has been a lot of discussion about Kohler v/s Kawasaki and one hp rating v/s another. Now since I have been shopping for a 60" mower, I decided o take a much closer look at the common engine options. Here is what I found.

    23 hp = 39.8 ft/lbs
    25 hp = 40.0 ft/lbs

    25 hp = 39.9 ft/lbs
    26 hp = 40.0 ft/lbs (EFI)
    27 hp = 42.7 ft/lbs
    28 hp = 44.8 ft/lbs

    Now with that listed, is there any major difference worth speaking of here? I mean is it fair to say that the 23 & 25 Kaw and the 25 & 26 Kohler are so close you really couldn't "feel" the difference in the field? Also for mowing applications, what should you relly pay more atention to...torque?....That is my thinking when I say these are equal...torque.
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    i agree that torque is where it's at. small differences in specs would not my priority, (the manufacturer obviously knows each will get the job done).

    selling points for me are:
    dealer support (will they offer you a loaner if yours is down?)
    any exceptional manufacturer characteristics
    parts availability just in case you have a problem
    parts cost after the warranty expires

    the big commercial dealer here in austin hit most of these points, but didn't convince me that i would be as high a priority as some of their bigger customers.
    i only have one wb. i can't afford for it to be down. i heard them telling customer after customer repair time was over a week even with parts in stock.
    the smaller dealer i chose guaranteed me in writing a loaner when mine was in the shop. also said he would split shipping on any special order parts.

    when you are haggling price, engines, etc think of some of the intangibles.

    what was this thread supposed to be about again?!
    sorry. late night blabbering...
  3. Richard Martin

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    Actually peak torque is not really the issue here as it occurs at rpm that is far lower than you will ever operate your mower at.

    Of the 4 engines that you choose to compare the 26 EFI has the most "seat of the pants" power and the best fuel economy by virture of the EFI.

    Of the 6 engines the Kohler 27 and 28 just seem like brutes compared to the smaller engines. When the smaller engines are being choked out the bigger engines (particularlly the 28 EFI) are powering through the toughest grass.
  4. Envy Lawn Service

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    Bingo, I'm right behind what you are saying. Parts and service could be an issue someday an I have been taking that into account. Although Kawi is on a LOT of stuff now, locally I see a lot more Kohler. Kohler has been around longer and the dealers are more familiar with them. Also it seems when there is a choice between the 2 brands, almost all of what the local dealers order for stock have Kohlers on them.

    This is not to say that I would rule out the Kawi just because of that and I certainly would not if their was a large difference in usable power or if their was a price difference that was irresistable. But usually the price is the last and usually the smallest consideration.
  5. MOW ED

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    What Richard Martin said.
  6. Doc Pete

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    I know my dealer (mechanic) says the Kohlers “used” to be better, but he feels the Kaw’s are currently better. Also, like many things the dealers may like the Kohlers because the “aren’t” as good and they make more money on repairs. This is standard practice in many business. Maybe it's the same here.

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