English Ivy Eradication.... so far, so....

Discussion in 'Pesticide & Herbicide Application' started by Whitey4, May 3, 2008.

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    Good. I'm about to hit it again with a third Roundup Pro app at max strength allowed by label. Most of the leaf growth appears to be dead. Still, there are few "pockets" that are obviously distressed, but the fat lady aint singin just yet. Two weeks after my first app, it looked like it wasn't affected at all. I waited another week, and saw some pretty good die back on the foliage. I sprayed it again, and two weeks later, much of it is dead. Now, I will spray again for the third time.

    I know this is a war that cannot be won, but I think the battles are winnable... meaning, control, if not eradication, especially when the "mother root" is off the treated property.

    Rodney, in large part, I posted this because you had asked how this effort worked out. All of the Ivy going up the fences and the garage is dead. Some of the thicker ground cover areas show some signs of life. ALL leaves are curled and browned, but some are still viable, thus the third app. I know it will come back, even this year, but mechanical removal as a follow up I suspect will keep it at bay, and I have explained to the home owner that it's a winnable battle, but the war won't be over for a long time.... like Iraq! :laugh:

    But.... in this case, it looks like Gly alone will get it done. I may follow up after mechanical removal with Sahara, as the source of the Ivy is behind a garage that is not visible to the occupants ordinarily. I am thinking that may delay the next invasion.

    Any comments on this? I'm all ears as this is my first attempt at an English Ivy control app. TYIA!
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    hey you are about to hit 1000 posts:usflag:
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    I would not be wasting time with RoundUp on woody vines. Vines get sprayed with Garlon or 2,4-D ester. If vapor movement to off target vegetation is an issue there is still Garlon 3A or 2.4-D amine.
  4. lawn king

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    A few years ago i had to renno 1200 sq. ft. of english ivy into turf. War is the correct word! After several apps of herbicides, i went in with the kubota and ripped it out with the loader, talk about a strong plant!!
  5. Whitey4

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    The Ivy is 90% dead after round one with just glyphosate. Max label doses, and I hit it again yesterday. I'll do mechanical removal in about two weeks. This is my first shot with ivy, but so far, the kill looks good. Took 3 weeks.

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