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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by Southern Lawns, Aug 22, 2004.

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    I'm not sure how long this has been around BUT I'm gonna wear it out. I'm forever playing scharades with the guys at the shop. This will convert everything written from English to Spanish. I don't know about you guys that are working with the Hispanic population but this is really gonna be a big help. Hope you find it useful as well.
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    You need to be careful with this type of program. They can translate the words, however they can be confusing for the Mexican population because they talk in a different format than we do. So even though you have the correct words they may not make sense or even be wrong. An aquaintance of mine was trying to translate some advertising copy a while back a couple of them that I remember, "We can't tell a lie" translated to " We only have one liar" another was "a taste of elegance" translated to "taste beautiful clothes".

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    That's why it helps to be bilingual in this line of work. At my old job, we had one Mexican who was bilingual. He can attest that Mexican Spanish is very different from Salvadoran, Honduran, etc.

    We used to refer to this guy as "Benedict Arnoldo" because he would always tell us when the Hispanics were plotting to get a raise, or planning on "calling in sick" the next day.
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    Even on my best day of spanglish I'll take my chances with the tool.

    Your guys call in sick? Got a crew of four that hasn't missed a day in 3 years. They don't call off. Money hungry I guess. Very good for me.
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    There are a number of those translation sites on the net. If you put the same phrase to be translated into each of them you can get very different Spanish phrases out of them.

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