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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by Madcape, Aug 8, 2008.

  1. Madcape

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    I have a customer that actually use to be my boss. He has a large scale commercial only landscape company. I worked for him for a year until I started my own company. Then 5 years later he asks me to mow his personal house intsead of paying his 3 man crew. So I started mowing his house as well as 3 of his foremans houses. This worked out great until the begining of this year. My computer went down at christmas and I had to send it to california for warranty. So when I finally got it back his bill was up to $4000 since then it has been excuse after excuse paying me $500 to $1000 at a time. He still owes me $2500 I dont want to just walk away from that kinda of money but I dont know what other choices I have. I dont think her will ever catch up. Any experience in this kinda problem?
  2. browningv308

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    sounds like you should have made some other provisions to send out the bills ever tried to hand write a bill works great for me from time to time if your making $4000 in a year from 1 account you should be able to get a new computer I personally wouldn't pay you either can't pay the bills without a bill
  3. ambersLawnmowing

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    Experience no....But it seems to me that you should have seen this coming. I bill once a month and it is due in 15 days if no payment... no mowing for you. But you let it go to $4000?????? WHY I have done landscapes less then that and get half down before i leave with sign contract. And why bring up the computer problem? Does your computer go and collect money from customers? I back all my billing stuff up on disc and if i dont have my computer i go to freinds and use his/hers. If your blaming this on him or your computer you should buy a PEN and Paper.... $4000 man i would not have had it get past $400 but thats just my opinion and thats the way i do it. Goodluck
  4. CkLandscapingOrlando

    CkLandscapingOrlando LawnSite Senior Member
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    You really screwed up huh.I would buy a reciept book just in case.I know the guy should pay but thats gotta hurt his pocket. how far behind was he?
  5. david shumaker

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    I've found that anything that has to do with computers, you need a back-up.
  6. ALC-GregH

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    I can't see letting it go that long regardless of what happened. Dude, $4000.... your crazy. Best tell him you need to be squared up before you can continue or he will always be behind on payment.
  7. Madcape

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    from orlando
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    Yeah I dropped the ball! But I have never had a customer not pay me. Most of my customers have me on auto bill pay. He is the type of person that if he can get away with it he will. I didnt know that until all this. I personally would pay my lawn guy even I didnt get a bill. I mean its the same price every month. I didnt have any other problems with the other 90 accounts I have so that doesnt hold water with me.
  8. Madcape

    Madcape LawnSite Member
    from orlando
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    He like I said is in the business and should know better. I talked to him today and he expressed his frustation with his customers that own him 85,000, that his secretary forgot to bill. Well I guess you live and learn I will never do this again. I have been in business 8 years and never had somebody do this to me. Thanks for input
  9. topsites

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    Yeah but then I owe more than that on a 0% loan which just got extended well into next year and guess who can't pay it back right now even if he wanted to? Dang straight, and they can beg and plead and they'll be as lucky as I will be IF I can pay it by the time the note becomes due. And it's not that I intend on skipping out on it but things are just a wee bit tough for more than a few folks out there, myself included.

    So I would be glad to be getting $500 to a g at a time, wow I would be so humble the man is writing those kind of checks, the other thing is I would be doing whatever to keep it from getting worse when I can clearly see the man is doing everything he can.

    Once a customer falls behind I start to cut out certain parts of the service, that's my first warning sign and
    if they just happen to be slow payers that usually works out just dandy too :p

    I feel for the customer in this case, that's a lot of money and I don't care who you are.

    Preferably pen and paper :p

    Come to think of it...
    I always thought the computer IS the backup! :p
  10. Genlandscape

    Genlandscape LawnSite Member
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    Topsites, it souns like you have posted too many threads onthis site and neglected your business. If you can't make your loan payments, it's time to hang up the keyboard, and start networking. There is plenty of work out there, even in drought ridden areas, you just have to look for it. If you are just mowing, it may be time to diversify. Any way, back to the thread. Our customers get thirty days, if there account becomes past due, they get a phone call and thier service is suspended. On the computer issue, you can buy a cheap laptop as a backup for less than a good backpack blower. We have a seperate system that runs our business software. Never had any probs. It's your business, therefore it's your responsibility to collect payment for services rendered.

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