Entire business for sale, turn key operation! Will seperate. Columbus, Indiana

Discussion in 'Marketplace' started by FrankenScagMachines, Nov 15, 2006.

  1. FrankenScagMachines

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    I'm selling out. Ready to try something different in life. This is a good business to be in but I want to try other things while i'm still young and not tied down with a family. Business is located in Columbus, IN. However I would entertain offers to seperate equipment and customers if you want to buy just some of the equipment or just the customers.

    Heres what i've got:

    2005 Exmark Lazer Z
    • 550 hours
    • 60” UltraCut deck
    • Kohler 27hp air cooled engine with Nelson 3 stage air filtration system
    • Striping roller kit
    • Operator Controlled Discharge Chute
    • Ultra-Vac QDS quick dump from seat collection system (50 hours on unit) with brand new blower assembly (original got stolen, cost $630 to replace)
    • Custom Ride suspension seat kit
    • Trash Grabber w/holder
    • Sendec tachometer
    • Zero flat front tires, good tread on back tires
    • extra blades
    • $13,000 invested

    2006 Stihl KM110 4 mix power unit
    • Straight shaft trimmer attachment
    • Straight shaft edger attachment
    • Straight shaft cultivator attachment

    2004 Echo PB650T backpack blower

    Late 90’s Snoway Predator 7.5’ Lexan plow w/down pressure & new Pro-Wings added winter 2005 (used 2 storms) works great, joystick controller

    Western Pro-Flo 2 two stage salt & sand spreader, receiver mount, with controller, works great.

    This is a small business as I have trimmed it down to just what I can do during evenings after work, and all of the customers are great people to deal with, no pain in the butt people, all reliable to pay, just good customers many I’ve had for years. I got rid of anyone that was a pain to deal with when I cut back. None of these properties are a pain in the butt either, they’re all easy jobs, no small gates, all fenced areas have large gates, the biggest property is around 1 acre, a couple are small in town jobs that take 15 minutes and several in between places. Some customers will want landscape maintenance done, others won’t. Some will want leaves done, others won’t. Same deal with snow removal. It evens out. This would be great for someone just starting in the business needing a jump start, or someone looking to take on more work and possibly increase their crew or help to start another. These jobs don’t take very long, a one man operation can do them in about a day. All the jobs are priced on the high end for this area and the labor is minimal, most places have only a small amount of trimming required.
    $470.00 average weekly income from mowing alone.
    10 accounts mowed weekly, 3 accounts mowed every other week/as needed. No accounts require bagging. Many accounts require only minimal trimming and occasional edging. 2 commercial accounts. Many accounts request leaf removal and/or snow removal & salting services. We also have many customers that only have us do leaf removal or just snow removal in those respective seasons. These customers will call during or just before that season to secure these services.

    Will sell all for $15,000.00 includes all records, papers, customer lists, equipment and included accessories, receipts, manuals, everything needed for a turn-key business, simply provide a truck, trailer and labor! A 6x12 trailer will comfortably hold all equipment, although a 6x10 would also work well.

    Serious inquiries only please no tire kickers. I can provide pictures and details upon request. The equipment is all in good operational condition and all nearly top of the line. I won't own junk. All my equipment is kept maintained and taken care of. Not always the prettiest but not trashy. You get the idea. I take pride in my business and what I do and I don't always have enough time to clean as much as I'd like but I keep it looking decent. I'm the only person to have used the Z and I don't beat it up. All the 2 cycle equipment we've almost always used Lucas semi-synthetic 2 cycle oil which i've found to work really well.

    I will also include the website at the address below. I will have my webmaster change out the contact info and customize it to your preferences. The hosting and webmaster fees are very affordable. Please visit the website to learn more about this company and get a feel for my business. Not all the equipment in the "equipment photos" is current (most is not) and not all of the lawns pictured are still current customers.

    You can contact me at 812-371-6069 leave message if no response I will call you back, leave your name, number and say you saw my ad on LawnSite.

    Thanks for looking,
    Eric Canady
    Ph. 812-371-6069 leave message if no answer.
    Columbus, IN
  2. mag360

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    Good luck Eric. Are you looking into hot-shot towing, by any chance. It's a great way to put that cummins to use and see the country.

    Does the plow come with a mount for your new dodge or is it still set up for the snow commander?
  3. FrankenScagMachines

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    Chip, I would like to do some hot-shot but most companies won't let you tow for them unless you have a truck newer than 5 years old with less than a certain amount of mileage; mines a 96 with 322k on the clock and still running strong, new tranny & clutch, turbo, gobs of other stuff too... however I'm looking at working for a farmer right now... not too bad of pay and includes a free house to live in in the country on 2 acres so thats lucrative want to get out of my parents house and away from town a little...

    I don't have the mount for this truck. I don't really have the sub frame for the old Dodges either, something happened to it i don't remember got junked or something on accident i think or used for something else. I just have the nosecone for the Snoway which you then buy the right subframe for any truck and bolt the nose peice (the part the plow hooks to) to the right subframe.

  4. Creative Lawn Care

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    Can you tell me anymore abotu this hot shot towing? Thanks
  5. MattsMowing3535

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    would you be interested in shipping the trimmer and attachments? If you are then would you put up some pictures and give me a price? Thanks,
  6. FrankenScagMachines

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    Creative, i don't know really anything about it i just looked into the whole camper towing thing one time...

    Matt, really sorry for the wait, i've been swamped lately not had computer time...
    Preferably i would sell the equipment and accounts as one package. If that can't happen I would split the accounts and equipment but would prefer to keep the equipment together. Splitting up the equipment individually is a last resort for me. I don't have any pics of the Stihl but it looks just like the ones on the Stihl website, its the KM110 split shaft 4 mix power unit with straight shaft trimmer, straight shaft edger and straight shaft cultivator attachments all in great shape little use...
  7. deereman

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    Are the hours on the Z correct? If you are only mowing that little bit that you have, how in the world could you get that many hours on that machine? Just kind of curious. Also couldnt you do that on a partime (mowing) and still work for the farmer? Or are you just looking for a change? Anywho good luck with everything!
  8. matt spinniken

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    pics of the exmark would be really great. I am interested.
  9. FrankenScagMachines

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    deereman, last year I had a few more contracts than this year and also did some subcontracting to fill in some free time... with my current 40 hr a week job (monday through friday 7am-4pm) i've not been able to keep up, i just started this job here in august or september but it hasn't been working out too well with the shorter days and all... with the farmer i'll be working 7-6 weekdays, 7-noon saturdays and a few hours in the morning on Sundays (cows gotta eat) he's got 1500 head of beef cattle and 2k acres of grain... in spring and fall we'll be working overtime till maybe 10-12 at night nonstop 7 days a week until everythings done as long as weather is good. those are my busy seasons for lawn/leaves too so that doesnt' work out well any better plus the farm is 15 miles away from the town i live now where i do all my business so it'd be even more time driving...

    Matt, here ya go. thanks for looking let me know any questions. $8k and this machine can be gone (with seat suspension, striping roller, OCDC and UltraVac w/new blower fan):

    those are older pictures i can't take pics of it now its at the dealer getting the hydraulic hoses replaced, one sprung a leak and it turns out that they were part of a batch of bad hoses that weren't exactly recalled but that they replace all of them if they are the old style (known junkers). Its still under warranty anyway. I don't have the ROPS for this mower, it got taken off and is long gone.... doubt thats a big deal to you but just so you know. even folded down it was sometimes in the way a little but not bad really unless your customers trees are out of control and way past due for trimming.

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