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I am replacing my reliable 18-year old JD GT235 lawn tractor with 18hp Kawasaki engine. Keeping the tractor as a firewood hauler but would like to replace with an entry level commercial zero turn mower. This will be for my personal use and will be cutting 4 acres, flat lawn, tall fescue, twice a week then large fall leaf cleanup. Typically cut when it is dry and the lawn is pretty-well manicured, not many weeds but do get small patches of clover. Nearly all lawn service guys in my area run Scag/Exmark however the Tiger Cat well out of my price range.

What's important – 1. cut quality 2. reliability 3. durability
Kawasaki engine (FS/FT or FX)
48-52” deck - have some areas that get narrow
Budget is around $7K

Mowers I have looked at and like
Exmark Radius S - 48” Kawasaki FX651 with ZT-3100 Hydro
Toro Z Master 2000 – 48” Kawasaki FX730 with ZT-3400 Hydro
Gravely Pro Turn ZX 48” Kawasaki FX691 with ZT-3200 Hydro
Kubota Z411 48” Kawasaki FS651 with ZT-3600 Hydro
Ferris IS700 48” B&S Com. 27HP with ZT-3200 Hydro (like the ZTR not sure about B&S)

Any other suggestions or thoughts would be greatly appreciated.


JP in KC

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Personally, if I was regularly mowing 4 acres, I'd want a bigger deck than 48" as long as there's nothing preventing you from using a bigger deck.


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Thanks for the responses. I should have named the post "Entry Level Commercial Level Zero Turn."

Will check out the Ferris 800, ICD deck looks pretty nice based on the reviews I read.

Backyard has some narrow spots between flower beds, dog yard etc. so a 48" or 52" would be just wide enough to get through.

Would be helpful to understand if all the named mowers give the same level of cut or is one better. I have read the Scag V+ deck and JD 7-iron give about the best cut in wet or dry conditions. If you are primarily cutting in dry conditions, will an Exmark, Kubota, Ferris etc. all cut about the same?


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East Peoria, IL
No. I'm partial of course. You just named the 2 best decks period. I love Kubota tractors...ZTR's not so much. And are you considering a higher end machine now? If you can stretch the budget a bit, if you're a veteran you could get into the Scag TC2 with the Kawi EFI 26 for around $8400...other wise around $8900 at retail. If your local dealer has any, he may be willing to deal a bit this time of year and come in lower than that. It will last a VERY long time for you!
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