Enviro-nuts are not nuts at all.

Discussion in 'Pesticide & Herbicide Application' started by lawnguyland, Mar 2, 2005.

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    This is for people that like to bash those intelligent and compassionate enough to be concerned about environmental impacts of our business...
    Check out this story about pesticide effects. Environmentalists are not koo-koo:

    I use pesticides myself, but do so with education, license and care and am not arguing for or against their intelligent use. This story is just one of many scientific studies offering evidence of harmful enviro effects. Why do people dispute things like this and global warmnig? Is it denial or fear? Yes, I know we don't use ddt anymore, but I just wanted to point out that environmental effects are real and it makes me mad when some people say things like 'enviro-nuts' and 'tree huggers'. To those of that opinion I say wake up, learn a little, and give a crap about where you and your offspring will live. It's a very small planet. You can leave anytime.
  2. Kelly's Landscaping

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    Have you ever seen how DDT was put down in the 1950s where a few ounces would have worked 100s of pounds were put down. DDT is still in use today just not in the states and it has proven quite safe the application technique and the amount put down is changed dramatically. But in a country where malaria and yellow fever will kill you DDT will become your best friend. You want to start an environmental debate here good luck to you this will get ugly quick. We live on a changing world it is always moving and evolving what lives on it is insignificant to the planet its self. Only you nuts seem to have such an inflated view of yourselves as to think what you do on this planet will have an effect on the big picture. If frogs go extinct that’s evolution was a time there were saber tooth cats running around and mammoths things come and go every other species is giving a free ride but us. If a predator kills off a species that’s fine with you but if we do its the end of the world. As for global warming your data is worthless. We have had thermometers for what 100-200 years so with that you now know its hotter then it was 1000 years ago 10000 years ago 1 million years ago. Is it not possible that we have been here so short a time we do not know all the earths cycles I have news for you were going to have an ice age again someday too and there’s nothing you can do about it. Of course this will be first ice age that man gets blamed for so at least I have that to look forward too. :dizzy:
  3. Littleriver1

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    Wow, since I can't get off the planet, I think I'll just kill myself now before I die of something else. (like a car accident or hand gun in the hand of an idiot) The good thing about a another ice age is there will not be any thing green with bugs in it for us to put pesticides on. Don't bother to respond, I don't care and I will not see your response.
  4. cward

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    I am awake and guess what? I still have compete disdain for "enviro-nuts" and "tree huggers." Global warming? Scientist have documented global warming and cooling trends for thousands of years. Pesticides like DDT managed to stop a harmful little bug called maleria. Granted, over-use of harmful pestisides has stopped and much needed regulations were put in place. Furthermore, green house gases have been drastically lowered by regulated pollution standards. IMO, self-serving and self-justifiying environmentalists that want nothing more than to take modern civilization back 200 years need to wake up. Better yet, why don't "they" leave and go find a pristine place to live.
  5. cward

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    I hope you didn't take my reply as a personal attack. If so, I apologize. It wasn't intended as one. We both have differing opinions on the same subject matter.
  6. CuttingCrew

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    Over use of pesticides, global warming and the coming of another ice age? Get over yourself enviro-men. Mankind is nothing more than an experiment in Live-and-Learn. Yes we (man) have made poor choices in the past before we knew the long-term effects of the things we were dumping into our environment and, yes we will make more poor choices in the future due to the fact that we cannot always know the outcome of an equation before we run the equation.

    Most things, when used as designed, are acceptable in moderation. When they are found not to be, we make adjustments. Some groups go to far in one direction or the other, but one thing is inevitable. Mankind is going to overpopulate this planet and destroy himself long before he destroys the planet. Nothing will stop this. Quit trying to save us from ourselves. All you will do is prolong the inevitable.

    Maybe a higher life form will come save us. :alien:


    p.s. Not throwing litter out the window of your car, like you probably did earlier today, will do a lot more to help preserve our environment than over regulation of properly used pesticides. Of course, that’s just my opinion.
  7. wrightlawn

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    nothin personal here but dont you just love the people that dont want to cut down trees(treehuggers) but when they go to the restroom they sure do want that toilet paper.
  8. locutus

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    Most of the researchers who come up with the conclusions you cited have a political agenda. This is one of the lefts oldest tricks. Get people sympathetic to your cause to provide you with the results you seek as if it were unbiased information. Undoubtedly, there will be a study that contradicts the one you refer to. Will your position concerning hermaphroditic frogs change according to the latest study? I dont think so. You environmentalist brown-shirts are so focused on your narrow political agenda that you refuse to admit the truth. The truth of the matter is that at it's core radical brown-shirt enviro-nazis wish to use their pseudo concern for the environment to control every aspect of other peoples lives.

    You are the worst of hypocrites. Ever wonder where all the horror stories about SUVs went? These stories quickly faded when it came to light that the very people criticizing SUVs actually owned more than one. This is just one example of egregious hypocrisy. There are many more.
  9. HayBay

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    I wonder how many Environmentalists play golf on those chemically treated lawns?
    Or do they goto the organic golf courses.
  10. lawnman_scott

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    enviro nuts are nuttier than I ever thought they were.

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