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Discussion in 'Pesticide & Herbicide Application' started by americanlawn, May 18, 2007.

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    Any complaints now? We're entering the season when the oddballs & idiots come out of the woodwork. I'm talking about the people who plant as much crap in their yard as possible. Their "thorney-ass roses" growing through the fence. Planting peonies and other "stuff they find at K-Mart" to throw in their yard too. Then they put their tomato plants & pepper plants right along the fenceline - often growing through their cheap chainlink fences.
    Already we've received 2 complaints -- both instances have one thing in common: 1) The wife has no job, so she's home (and getting fat) all day long, 2) Their plants are growing through our customer's fence.

    Our customers do not appreciate their next door neighbors cuz of all the crap (dog do do smell and the creeping Charlie coming through into their lawn). And much more.

    Anybody having this "problem" yet? (if not - you soon will).
  2. thomsoutdoor

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    What no "Al Gore" 2008 sign?
  3. indyturf

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    I use to live next door to one! she was always telling me how I was damaging the environment and should use natural fertilizer.
    Then she fertilized her lawn with seaweed kelp, I think she must have put it on heavy because her grass grew like crazy for about 2 weeks!
    It was soooo funny watching her try to mow that mess! she ended up calling someone to mow it for her:laugh:
    whats even better is now when I drive through that neighborhood I have seen TG signs in the lawn!
  4. LindblomRJ

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    Had one a week ago. Was visiting with her, she is big on organics yada fraking yada. I had to ask, what are you going to do about all the dandelions in her yard. Never did get a clear answer.
  5. cantoo

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    We refer them to a company that uses organics. Then a week later they call us again" they are so expensive" I guess you can put a price on their pride. Everybody wants to save the enviroment but nobody wants to pay for it.
    The one I like the best is " do you have to put the sign on the front I don't want the neighbours to know we use chemicals" Let's see their lawn is covered in weeds and your is clean, are they blind, are they stupid. PS it's the law, you can remove it after we leave but I'm putting it on.
  6. hughmcjr

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    You mean people are living life differently from how you and others want them to or believe they SHOULD be living? Oh the humanity! For shame. How dare they think they live in a FREE country and exhibit different ideals from yours and mine.

    I may agree with you, but whether I do or not, if I think that the way I think is the only way or correct way and everyone else is screwed then I have lost focus on the reality of life which is that I am not alone and others wants and views within common sense and reason are just as valid.
  7. mkroher

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    You have customers that remove the signs? I have some people that when I show up to service the lawn again....the old sign is STILL up! Well sometimes the sign blows away, and the stick is still there...chillin like a villin under the mailbox. Laziness? or Blindness?
  8. NattyLawn

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    Good post hugh. If someone doesn't want Chaser Ultra II dumped on their lawn a bunch of times a year they should be forced to for the sake of their neighbors. I love how most of the older applicators on here pigeon hole organics users as fat, lazy and crazy and leave it at that. Here's the thing I have found over the last few years. People that are interested in organic services are far more knowledgable than your average chemical customer, and they understand what they have to do to get a nice lawn. Mow at least 3 inches? Check. Overseed to fill in bare areas and crowd out weeds? Check. Get a soil test because organics are building the soil? Check.

    Honestly, the weed infested neighbors are probably golfers or people that hate to mow the lawn. Mr Jones worked 60 hours the past week and mowing the lawn on Sat is one of his hated chores. That's why it's mowed at 1.5 inches every week, weed infested and looks awful. Maybe they can't afford lawn services because the wife stays home with the kids. But to make generalizations about customers is pretty stupid imo because they make your techs do a little extra work. They shouldn't be blasting fencelines with weed control if they see tomato plants growing through it. It's common sense, and it seems just like the old "PG not killing small broadleafs" threads that americanlawn just doesn't get it. For as much ass kissing as you do on this site, behind it all is an older, biased owner/manager who pushes his techs too hard (or hires idiots) who can't hop off their machines and backpack fencelinces/curbstrips or any other area the machine can't get too. Instead of blasting the crazy environmentalists, maybe the hard core chemical applicators need to look at themselves, what they're applying and it's effects on the the world around them. It's not all just about a green, weed free lawn folks.
  9. upidstay

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    I have found that most of the organics using people are hypocrites. I have a customer's neighbor (and an anti-pesticide nazi)who lives in a huge house that is constantly climate controlled, bombs around in a Cadilac Escalade, AC on all the time. Yet she feels ok about herself because she writes her donation checks to the Sierra Club on recycled paper checks. And her lawn is weed and insect free because she buys the crap her lawn guy is selling her that Talstar is Organic based. Apparently the weed control (smells like Momentum Fx2 and Drive to me) is organic too. I worked for an "organic" outfit that would go through 3 mini-drums of Dimension WSP and 4 mini's of Merit every year. I personally applied 20lbs of Drive 75 and 5 cases of Confront (when it was still labeled for residentials) in 3 months there. I quit in disgust over lying to customers. And this guy is widely regawrded in the organics market.

    I believe in organic ferts. Use them on my own lawn with great results. I use chemicals. I don't do blanket apps unless the INDIVIDUAL lawn warrants it. If I see a weed, I spray it. Pulling it up doesn't work. I do soil tests, and lime regularly, as needed. I always recomend aeration and proper mowing and irrigation. Most of the people out there won't pay for proper lawn maintenance, let alone organic ferts. Chemicals are a necessary part of lawn maintenance. Here in CT., if you want a nice lawn, you have to use some chemicals. Period. The key is using them intelligently. Organics work IF you have good soil to begin with. Unfortunately, home builders strip away the good soil, leaving crap behind. Which means that if you don't have the $$ to lay 6+ inches of top soil down, you HAVE TO USE SYNTHETIC FERTS. Organics will eventually build up the bad soil, but that can take years and years. Now, one of my biggest beefs about this site is the sniping. Lets quit being catty little bi^&*es and share information.
  10. garydale

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    There is room for all philosophies on the enviroment. Just stop the god awfull preaching.

    Organic root will not feed the world and the control product route will not kill the earth.

    Extremists in both camps are a$$holes.

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