Envirostone Alternatives?

Discussion in 'Hardscaping' started by lukachuki, May 31, 2006.

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    Hello Guys and Gals,


    Does anybody know of any commercial alternatives to Envirostone. It sounds like a great product its just so difficult to get. I can't believe some enterprising company out there hasn't started distributing it here in the states. The closest place for me to get this product is Richmond VA, and I live in SC.

    I am going to do a flagstone patio for my bro. in Denver and the nearest dist. to CO, is in Wisconsin.


  2. lukachuki

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    Oops the above link doesn't work so lets try this


    In lieu of envirostone which is a polymer stone mix for the larger flatstone joints what do you guys use for a mortarlike joint on softset flagstones? Obviously mortar or portland is prone to cracking after a season or 2 and is not the right solution. I also am not fond of sand/granite shavings or small stones etc. as it doesnt really bond the flags and can be messy.

    Does anybody have any trick/products up their sleeve they would like to share?

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    Wow. Almost 2 years and you never got a reply to this topic? Weird. I guess I missed it, sorry.

    There are a few other similar products out there now. Do a Google search for "polymeric stone" or "stabilized crushed stone" or something similar. If I recall correctly, one of the other brands is called Gator Dust or something like that. But I think that one is also difficult to come by.

    We install a LOT of flagstone patios each year using this EnviroStone product. I just get it sent down to me by freight. I order 1-2 pallets at a time. If I order 1 pallet, it ends up costing me right at $40 per bag. If I order 2 pallets I can get that cost down to less than $30 per bag.

    The cost really doesn't matter. I just pass it onto the customer. And they are still saving a great deal of money because I am able to install what looks and feels like a mortared-in flagstone patio for around $16-$18 per sq. ft. whereas a local stone mason would charge $40 - $50 per sq. ft. So customers are more than happy to pay the extra cost for the Envirostone when they are getting a screamin' deal like that.

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