EOW on the off weeks?

Discussion in 'Florida Lawn Care Forum' started by williams lcm, Nov 2, 2011.

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    I usually mow and trim bushes ect on my mowing week. I have noticed some LCo's show up every week. One week they mow the next week they stop by to blow ect. I stop by eow with my customers.How do you guys do it? I talked to one lady LCO and she says she feels guilty and stops by every week to do something.
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    No need to feel guilty if you informed the customer when you started! I do not show up every week - no need here in CFL. Almost like clockwork mid to late October every year even the best cared for SA lawns slow enough that EOW lawn service is good enough to keep a neat appearance.
    If we get a frost - EOW can be extended out if shrubs are not part of the program for that client for sure.
    If you want to explain it to your clients - tell them your rate is for the year and you are just breaking it down to 12 easy monthly payments for them and remind them that you do not charge them more during 5 week months.
    I have had some question me in the past when I did not explain it well enough up front.
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    It is in our contracts that once we hit the "winter" or EOW that we will be there well, every other week. Mostly keeping things blown off, palm fronds, leaves etc cleaned up. If a huge wind storm or something makes a mess the day after, they can always call schedule an earlier day if two weeks is just too long to wait.
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    In my service area many of my properties have several large Live Oaks, Maples, Sycamore etc on the properties, commercial and residential. So I am out and about most weeks of the year blowing off driveways and parking lots and of course I charge for it. In the winter it also gives me a chance to talk to the customers and suggest additional work on the properties. Also it gives the perception of year around value. We have worked in area's with new homes and landscape's and Mike is correct, not much to do in the off week and they are simply making 12 monthly payments on the yearly agreement which of course states the number of visits per year.
  5. I will only show up every week in the winter if they pay for it, IMO anything less than $350/mo. is not worth it to show up every week year round. A lot of companies around here show up every week for $100/mo accounts, and you wonder why they make no money.
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