EPA: 2,4-D NOT a Human Carcinogen

Discussion in 'Pesticide & Herbicide Application' started by tremor, Aug 14, 2007.

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    For those in the know, this isn't a news item at all but...........

    Whether you use 2,4-D or not, the green industry takes a beating over this material. This is about the 280th time that 2,4-D has been classified as non-carcinogenic, but the anti-pesticide lobby will continue to say things like “we just don’t know” when confronted by facts. Regardless, we owe it to our profession to be informed & fluent in the science of toxicology as it pertains to our field.

    To the ignorant 2,4-D sounds a lot like 2,4,5-T (Agent Orange) which may have a lot to do with the confusion.

    Anyway, print this article & keep it handy for those occasions you are called upon to defend our profession.

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    thanks for the linky!

    i must admit, i did not know this

    harmful or not, to be safe, i treat all with extreme care! my nads thank me:)
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    I agree entirely with the use of PPE when making commercial apps.

    But our industry is under constant attack here in the Blue States with "so called experts" regularly making false claims & citing junk science to further their anti-pesticide agenda.

    Case in point:

    This article appeared in the New York Daily News - Sunday, April 8, 2007

    I wrote both the print & online editors offering PROOF that Schneiderman's charges were false. There was no reply.

    A Suffolk lawmaker wants to ban the use of dangerous pesticides on residential lawns.
    Legislator Jay Schneiderman (R-Montauk) introduced a bill that would outlaw certain pesticides used for "aesthetic" purposes. The pesticides, which the federal government has classified as carcinogenic, can seep into the groundwater, the sole source of Suffolk County's drinking water.
    "If you have a couple of dandelions on your front lawn, you'd no longer be able to sprinkle carcinogens on them," Schneiderman said.
    Suffolk has "several documented, yet unexplained, cancer clusters, as well as a breast cancer rate above the national average," the bill says. The bill would allow the same pesticides to be used on farms and golf courses, as well as residences with infestations.

    _____________clipped for length__________________________________

    When elected officials start classifying all selective herbicides as carcinogens we need to arm ourselves with the latest & most accurate tools to refute their felonious claims.

    For the record, these "cancer clusters" are now being rightfully blamed on genetic predisposition rather than environmental influences. Long Island Yentas never want to admit when their own mothers have dealt them a losing hand. Likewise they understandably don't want to admit they've passed those same predispositions onto their own children.

    I don't blame cancer patients for wanting to find a non-genetic cause or trigger. But agriculture chemicals have been cleared as the cause in NY & yet the battle continues unabated for no good reason at all. The damages to our industry are immeasurable but the expense I'm sure is well into the many million$.
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    Thanks tremor, I just printed it off. We used 2,4,5-T back in the late 70's when I was with ChemLawn. A year or so later, ChemLawn quit using it, but they still utilized 2,4-D up until the mid 80's when they took it off the "use list" corporate-wide due to "inconclusive research". They switched to a much slower-acting broadleaf herbicide. Many competitors never switched away from 2,4-D (including us). Been happy & healthy eversince.

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