EPA outlaws MSMA?

Discussion in 'Pesticide & Herbicide Application' started by ron mexico75, Aug 26, 2009.

  1. ron mexico75

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    Has this been broadly publicized or is it being quietly phased out? I have used a product made by BONIDE called Weed beater Plus. 2,4-D plus MSMA. I haven't been able to find it anywhere. I was told by the place I buy it at that the supplier isn't allowed to sell it anymore. I called the supplier directly and they said the EPA has banned MSMA and whatever is left to sell can be bought but after that no more MSMA will be used as a partial ingredient in products or as a concentrate.

    This stuff worked so damn good on crabgrass you didn't even have to worry about it. Do you all know about this?

    My question is this; what would you recommend as a post emergent control? Drive? Q4? What else is going to work as good without repeated follow up?

    I posted this link from the EPA. It explains in the first 2 paragraphs and towards the bottom list specific products.

  2. RAlmaroad

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    There are two products that will work on crabgrass: One is Drive for crabgrasses, and the other is Acclaim for "Goosegrass" which looks similiar to crabgrass but grows in a rosette. Drive will not touch "Goosegrass". So, I guess both will have to be used, unless someone knows of something else that will work on both.
  3. ron mexico75

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    Thanks for posting man. Yeah that's the problem right there. Having to buy and mix more then one chemical to treat different grassy weeds. The MSMA knocked almost all of them out. I know the downside of MSMA was the harshness of the product on the desirable turf, especially in warmer temps or when blanket spraying.

    I have heard of but don't know much about that new Drive XLR8. Like I said above, that product called Q4 sounds good. But, I was wondering if anyone on here has experience with it and what is your opinion? I say it sounds good because it controls broadleaf and grassy weeds. The label states it has 4 active ingredients.
  4. RAlmaroad

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    Drive is quinclorac which is in Q4. Some of the other crabgrass likes need that Fenoxaprop which is the Acclaim. There are generics of these but nothing like the old MSMA. Our best bet is to apply our pre-em on the cool season grasses 85-90 days apart to keep a healthy dose on the seeds. Knowing what is happening with the interactions of seeds and the pre-emergent's activity helps control the crab. We have a product especially for crabgrass on the St. Augustine warm season grass so there's a blessing.
  5. ron mexico75

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    Yeah PRE Ermerg. is key I agree. I have used Barricade for 3 years now and I SWEAR by it. Truly Truly amazing stuff. The issue is people who have not used a pre emerg. and want me to renovate their lawns. Always people asking (the DIY'S) why does my yard look like crap? They want the crabgrass gone now. All these yards are INFESTED because they never put down pre emerg or did it too late. They don't want to have me do their yards full time but they want to call when it's emergency time you know? Frustrating!!
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    i have stocked up on msma and trimec plus for the future as nothing else i know will get johnson grass and goosegrass(acclaim is too pricey) quinclorac wont touch either, it is too bad as msma really smokes crabgrass with little to no re greening. quinclorac is about 50/50 with regreen and total kill, depends on the age of the crabgrass mostly.
  7. ron mexico75

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    I hear you on that. Should be interesting to see if a chemical is developed as a replacement for MSMA. I think I will follow your lead and stock up. A distributor by me has 1 gallon jugs of MSMA for $31 and once they're gone that's it.
  8. bx24

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    Interesting...Problem is every year this issue comes up...Still here.
  9. sciturfman

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    Hey RALmaroad, what is there that can be used safely for crabgrass in St. Augustine? I have been missing the boat if there is such a chemical!
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    Care to share your supplier? Will he ship?

    already sold out in my area :confused:

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