EPA released a statement ordering DuPont to suspend and recall its herbicide Imprelis

Discussion in 'Pesticide & Herbicide Application' started by phasthound, Aug 12, 2011.

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    Rabbitman, Have you had any conversations with your insurance yet or just dupont?

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    Both...My Insurance company told me to let them know if I wanted to start the claims. But as of right now I'm holding out on Dupont. Talked to the State chemist yesterday and They have overwelming evidence that this is not a applicator error, They collected over 400 property samples and data to prove that this to be a label problem. They are also just about ready to send letters to all companies who have bought or used Imprelis to issue a State wide stop use.
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    They already done that.........

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    Dupont and the EPA issued a stop sale and use order several weeks ago. This certainly would have included Indiana?
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    New letter! just got a few minutes ago...

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    that is a good letter. i am sure i have it too, or will very soon
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    pretty sure a federal stop use order would trump a state order. DuPont T&O division is toast at this point. Any guess as to who buys it?
  8. Young Bros

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    bayer maybe???

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