EPA strikes again.

Discussion in 'Mechanic and Repair' started by LarryF, Jun 17, 2012.

  1. piston slapper

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    Hope you realize me and Fixer were just havin a little fun....
    Hate to see you take my advice on this one....could get expensive....
    The only one that could get in trouble is the guy that sold it...
    Thoeretically speaking ....of course....maybe.....
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  2. LarryF

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    Thanks! Hoping to get that response, of course, was the real reason the first post. I had a strong feeling that someone else must have been down this path before me.
  3. whiffyspark

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    Lmao I know slapper

    The screwdriver is easy to find if you know where to look. FYI I've heard of people taking a copper tube hearing it up and making their own
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  4. gusbuster

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    You guys are blaming the epa, organization to blame, blame it on the Media for hyping oh a frog is deformed because we use a chemical that e.i.r. came out bad.....or a known fact, we are such a cleaner society that our kids now are having so many problems, why? When we are tiny and can tolerate it better, we were exposed at a much younger age, not when we were 6 or 7 years old.

    Blame it on the idiots who elected oboob boob and his likes......we want a safe society where the air is pure and grass is green.

    Blame it on the C.A.R.B. because many of the laws the Federal EPA come up with started here in CA. But DON'T blame all CA.....like many states......funds are held if you don't meet Federal standards.

    Like I said.....Blame the right people.

    Nothing wrong when they apply good scientific priciples when enacting these laws. WE all benefit as a whole when done correctly. Its too bad though the "feel right or feel good" laws are more likely to get enacted than the true beneficial laws......case in point....MTBE......hey it cleaned our air alright, but all of a sudden it was showing up in our drinking water supply......wait we did have studies and recommendations not to require this additive to fuel....but it was more important to have breathable air....guess when you live in a state that is primarily a dessert.... drinking water doesn't matter.
  5. piston slapper

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    Gus....as long as you keep looking for people to blame...
    They are succeeding....
    If I can keep you argueing with your nextdoor neighbor...
    You will be so preoccupied...that I can pretty much do whatever I want across the street...
    Until you come to realize that the media and the gov agencies...and big business are all singers in the same band....you are going to be frustrated..
    These entities cannot thrive without each other...
    Its a classic good cop ..bad cop...setup...on a grander stage....

    My apologies to the OP...as this forum is not the place to hash this conversation out....
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  6. piston slapper

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    The EPA is no better or worse than any other gov agency...and yet...they are all necessary...if you didn't own a car or a mower or a trimmer...you probably wouldn't care what they were doing....
    Fact is...we need these groups to ensure our way of life...
    Without rules or regulations society would not be self sustaining..
    If we could pick and choose which laws to ignore....I'm not sure we would agree on too much....and we would probably slip into barbarism...
    Freedom isn't ..and has never been..free...
    If putting up with a few regulations and laws is too much to pay for your freedom....think of all those that unselfishly gave their all to provide the very freedom you complain about....
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  7. Duekster

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    I have and still work pretty closely with the EPA regarding lawn care and Pesticides and Irrigation. They are not dummies but they often do have pie in the sky hopes and dreams.

    Their regulations are burdensome on US businesses when we consider global competition. Europe as an example have small diesel engines with very high MPG but those engines would not meet our emission standards.

    Honda used to have a CRV that got close to 50 MPG on a gas engine. It was a 2 seater but ..... today hybrids would be happy to get that same rating.

    We need a happy medium where the US industry can compete yet we also have clean standards rather than push those activities to un regulated countries.

    I happen to think that having 27 or so regulatory agencies is to much. We have become top heavy. We can streamline some.

    For goodness sake, we could not use oil skimmers during the BP spill because 1 or 10% of the oil was returned to the gulf. As a result BP did nothing because it would not meet the regs. Some common sense is required. Get the 90% 95% up ASAP

    After 3 months of debate the EPA allowed the use of the machines. Really? :cry:
  8. piston slapper

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    Duekster....I too believe we are top heavy in regulatory agencies...
    But I believe it was setup that way for a reason....to give us something to complain about...By doing so...they won't have any surprises...
    They know what you're going to complain about..and have enough room to compromise to make it appear as if they are listening to the pulse of the people...With so many failsafes in place...it could take years to figure out any agendas they have..if any..
    I'm sure that dealing with them can be like trying to teach chess to someone that can only see a checkerboard....
    Hang in there....somebody has to keep them honest...
    Just My Opinions.....
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  9. XYZLawnPros

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    Have you been browsing the political forum in here? Laughing out loud! Spot on.
  10. piston slapper

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    Xyz...I'm not much on politics....
    I don't read editorials or listen to talk radio..
    I'm just one of many searching for truth...
    Trust The Power
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