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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by Lazer Man, Apr 27, 2003.

  1. Lazer Man

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    I've done a search and found nothing on this. I'm looking for a form to keep track of all the maintenence that is done on all of the equip. Anyone useing any forms if you are please post maybe we all could use them. I can think of no better way of keeping track of oil changes and similar things plus to also keep track of the larger dealer items that were done to each machine. This could always help when selling a machine a whole lot better when you can show maint history to maybe get alittle more on resale, just an idea. Thanks for all your help I hope.

    Bob :cool: :cool: :D
  2. kels

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    Create your own, if you do not have a computer create one on paper and copy them.
  3. TLS

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    I just use the last page in the Operators Manual. Write down Date, Hours, Description of work, and who it was performed by. Only problem with that last page thing is, I only have like 700 some hours on mine and I'm already half way through the spaces on the page!

    Also, Use a permanent marker and write the date and hours on your oil filter. This way each day you can check without looking in the manual.
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    Stop by your local dealer or repair shop, they'll have them.....ask them for one.
  5. I write on filter the houres at time of change.

    Keep reciepes for any repairs for that mower in it's own folder.

    No sheet is needed.
  6. TLS

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    The reason I keep a log is for resale. I usually go about 4 - 5 years on my big units and trade in for newer technology. I live on a busy main state route and simply park the mower out front with a FOR SALE sign on it. Homeowners get real excited at the fact that I produce a maintenance log for them. I always get top dollar for my mowers. $4000 for my last DC, and my last F-935 I got $6500 for. Both with at least 1500 hours on them.
  7. Not knocking the log, but I keep all repair recipes including all parts replaced for each mower in its own folder. I don't log oil changes and filter changes cause it gets logged on the filter its self.

    I used to do it like you do, and found it was to much of a hassle when you change the oil every week religiously when under heavy use. When it slows down we switch to every other week.

    A log is easy to make.
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    How do you cook them repairs??

  9. Dang spell checker, receipts.
  10. Gravely_Man

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    Just look in the back of the owner's manual and copy that information out and build an Excel spreadsheet and save the receipts. This is what I do and have a hard copy in the shop to refer to so you can mark down what has been done and when.


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