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Discussion in 'Sports Field Management' started by steve18974, Dec 4, 2007.

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    this is my first post here so forgive me if it seem ignorant

    I am the grounds and fields committee chairman for a private soccer club just north of philadelphia . we have a workforce of about 4 guys all volunteers including myself , our complex consists of 4 field on about a 17 acre complex. as you can well imagine funding is almost none . we do run a sponsor book , and were able to obtain a "Main" Sponsor this past year . giving us about 8,ooo dollars to work with . the biggest problem i have been finding is that other than our mowers our equipment is pretty old. does anyone know of where to get access to Rental equipment .

    I see all the latest and greatest equipmet out there , but at this time do not have funds to purchase ...

    really need to find a source to rent ... overseeding equipment and topdressing equipment .

    all the local rental companies seem to have "homeowner equipment"

    as im sure you can appreciate not much fun doing large areas that way .

    we overseed 2 x year spring and fall , with a broadcast spreader towed behind a john deere gator . and all i have to say is the the local birds seemed to be well fed

    any suggestions would be appreciated
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    Steve- Lesco rents out some seeding equipment, and there are some equipment dealers that do too. I am not sure in your area but also you might try the managers of golf courses, some moonlight with the course's equipment. Good luck, and welcome to the site!:waving:

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