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Discussion in 'Starting a Lawn Care Business' started by GCSTL, Jan 11, 2010.

  1. GCSTL

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    Hey guys, this is my first post and look forward to getting some great advice.

    I am attempting to start my business for the second time.

    I operated a Lawn Care Co for about 2 years, but I was young and partied too much to make it work.

    So now that I have that all behind me, I am ready to give it a go again.

    I was hoping to receive some advice on start up equipment.

    I have a truck, and a 6x14 open trailer. I found a 48" Exmark hydro locally with a newer engine & rebuilt hydro system for 800.00. It appears to be in excellent shape so i think I am going to pull the trigger on that one.

    So after that, I am left with a start up budget of around 1800.00 for equipment. I have other cash set aside for marketing & ins. & such.

    What equipment would you would you guys suggest I get for start up.

    I was thinking 2 trimmers, 2 blowers, one of them being a hand held just for backup. Some kind of push mower for small gated stuff. I will also carry a few rakes etc in case I should need them.

    I plan on sticking to residential for now and won't be doing any landscaping. just maintenance.

    So with this being said, and the budget I have, what recommendations can you guys give me on brand names & what other equipment I may need.

    Thanks in advance for any help.
  2. southerngreenscape

    southerngreenscape LawnSite Member
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    you can go to home depot and buy there echo it is cheaper and itwill last as long as you service it.
  3. xclusive

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    I would recommend 2 redmax 7100 series backpack blowers which run about $400 each and 2 redmax tr2301 cause they are light weight and run about $275 each. You might be able to find some used on craigslist or even on here. This is what I run and wouldnt have it any other way.
  4. Valk

    Valk LawnSite Silver Member
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    Assuming you want new commercial equip, a new string trimmer will be $300-400+...a backpack blower $400-550. A commercial 21 is $700-1200.

    Picking a brand, or brands - will be a piece of work. If you have the time - this site offers a LOT of useful and useless information...and you'll have to sift through it all to make it your own.

    I believe Stihl/Echo/Shindaiwa all make great handhelds. For the 21, you could save quite a bit by buying a Toro Dealer sold Super Recycler residential model (NOT the Recycler sold at hardware stores). They go for around $550 with a bag. This would leave money left over for a decent gas-powered hedge-trimmer ~$300+.
  5. southerngreenscape

    southerngreenscape LawnSite Member
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    i run all echo commercial i was just saying if you were on a tight budget you can get more for your money
  6. FryDaddy

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    You should get at least one good commercial weed eater ($300-$400) & then maybe a residential ($200-$300) for backup. Mid sized blower ($300+). Hedge trimmer ($280-$400). Chainsaw ($200+). Edger ($250+). Rake, shovel & hoe (not that one on the corner, those get expensive). This should be in budget with money left over, then as more money comes in, upgrade to bigger commercial items that may last longer and take more abuse 7 use the cheaper things for a secondary backup.
  7. helidriver

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    You sound like you got enough...go to work and pickup what you need on the fly. You keep the money aside and party on your day off like the rest of us...hahaha. Dont rush into buying anything just wait until spring and when you go to get a tool or machine you dont have, that will be the one you need to get! Not being a jerk, just being frugal on the cash. You keep your head straight and remember to buy as you need. winter is for rethinking your equipment line and make improvements and purchases. You seem to be on the right track this time. Good luck.

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