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Discussion in 'Starting a Lawn Care Business' started by capnsac, Dec 31, 2007.

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    Alright, so I have been reading post after post trying to get a general idea of where to start in the midst of all the information on this site. First off I will start out with the generals. I have my liability insurance of 1,000,000 already in place, I have 5 years of mowing experience, and I am incredibly eager for grass to start growing.
    I have four contracts already lined up come spring time with the help of my old boss which he is subcontracting to me. I am very fortunate to have these four contracts, but I also want input if I should stretch my legs a little bit more or stay conservative until I am acclimated with flying solo.
    Here is the low-down on the properties; One is a homeowners association and I will be taking care of the big mowing areas, commons areas, back yards etc. The total sq. footage of the property is 750,000sq. ft, and I would like to guess that I will be handling 40% of the mowing. The other 3 are commercial properties that he is handing over to me, which he claims will take roughly 8 hours to do. I am thinking that he is being a little conservative on these times because I think I can get them done faster. Although I won't know until I actually do them.
    Now for equipment I already have a 60" Cub-Cadet Tank bought (after many months of research) I am looking at getting either a 36" hydro or 48" hydro walk-behind (cannot decide which yet), a 21" walk-behind, blower, trimmer and a 6x12 trailer (seems to be the popular favorite size on lawnsite)
    I am going to be making $1000/wk off of these four accounts, and wonder if I should be conservative and stick with this amount of work or become truly independent and bid an apartment complex which should take me roughly 8 hours (approx 500,000sq. ft or 11.5 acres) which should be bid at 750/wk. I just really want a big account of my own. I have the experience necessary, and I believe I will have the equipment required to get the job done. Before I go and bid anything, I would like some input on either thumbs up or down.
    I really want to be around that $2000/wk figure but also don't want to bury myself in the process. Please let me know what you all think, any and all advice is appreciated.

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    You say you have the "experience necessary". Only you truly know that! I'm not sure if you don't know what your doing or if you just want reassurance? Even if you had pics you would get many different perspectives. I would say if your just starting out don't bit off more than you can chew. Get what you "NEED" and only "NEED" to do the jobs you have and see how it works out for a season. You may even pick up a few residential jobs alone the way that will help you learn more, and the extra money will be nice. We all have dreams off running the lawn care industry but the reality is for most that will never happen! Being successful In my eyes may be different in yours! Just remember if you take on to much you WILL crash and burn! My 2 cent, hope this helps.
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    thanks for the reply, I guess the question I'm trying to get at is do you think it is possible for a beginner to have this healthy of a first year?
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    I started off by having a landscape company I plowed for use me for quite a few properties. Consider yourself lucky and keep growing from there. I would take as many as I could get without sacrificing service and dont look back!

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