Equipment and FINAL Fall Cleanup pics

Discussion in 'Original Pictures Forum' started by spronk1, Nov 25, 2009.

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    i have an 08 crew max tides great the best sucks on gas i think im abou 11 towing on the hiway and i love it mine is fully loaded with every option it is a personal truck thta gets put to light use in a pinch. the titan is a close second my friend has one but they are about $4-$5 thousand cheaper and better than any ford or chevy i have ever owned
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    Looks good, all of it.
  3. spronk1

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    Morning all,
    Thanks for responses.

    This property I maintain the turf(mowing, fert/weed control, and spring/fall cleanup) and also the snow removal.

    I put a striper kit on the toro this spring. I LOVE it. also helps with anti-scalp. I just put a deck lift assist pedal on last week. Should have done that 2 years ago.

    The tundra is a 2008 SR5 Double cab with the 5.7 Bucket seats with center console. That was one major requirement I had when I was looking at trucks. I am working on removing the rest of the badges and trying to figure out how to get color matched bumpers and grill. Trying to go all black with trim. Seems like everyone with a truck, especially red Dodges, likes to go all out with chrome trim. Thought I would do something different.

    I have a Boss 7.5 Poly plow for it. I put in a 2.5" leveling kit up front to raise up front end. Lost a bit of factory ride but really helps out for the plow. I had airbags on the back that I just took off last week b/c the ride sucked with both leveling kit and airbags. Going to put Timbrens on back this week.

    The 5.7 is a powerhouse. Tows with ease. I know I was way over weight a few times this summer. Was pulling 14' dump with 5 tons rock for a few jobs and it did a great job. Just need to make sure you have a working Brake control. In fact I wouldn't pull any trailer without a brake control.

    Fuel mileage is so/so. I get about 12 mpg on avg. During summer about 60% of driving is pulling that trailer. With trailer, 10-11 mpg, without trailer and cruise set at 70, i get around 15-16. I have a heavy foot when accelarating though.

    I will work on getting some pics up from last season with plow on it.
  4. spronk1

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    Some pics of plow from last season. Pics are not the greatest as they were taken from my cell phone.

    The first pic is the day I bought truck at dealer.




  5. Jason'sLawnCare

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    Nice. I removed the badges on my Tacoma. I love the clean look of being debadged. It's really easy just takes patience. Heat it up with a hair dryer to get the adhesive to soften then take a piece of fishing line and saw back and forth between the truck and the badge. You'll probably need to heat up the badge a couple of times throughout sawing it off. After the badge is off some adhesive will still be on the truck. Most of it will just roll off with your thumb, the rest use a cleaning solution of your choice, such as goo gone to take it off. Just be sure to wash the area that had goo gone on it because you wouldn't want that stuff to sit on there too long.

    Happy modding.
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    I saw a black Tundra yesterday that the owner painted all the badges black to match the paint... Looked pretty bad a$$!! Shiney chrome rims looked good with all the black. Too bad Toyota doesn't make a 3/4 ton, might be something to consider.
  7. spronk1

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    I was thinking about painting the badges black, but wasnt sure what type of paint to use and how to prep so the paint would actually stick and not flake off. My goal would be to have front and rear chrome color matched and then put some after market wheels on. I took the first few badges off with the heat gun and used 3M adhesive remover and then buffed and waxed those areas.

    Yea, I wish the Tacos came in a 3/4 ton, I was looking at a 2007 chevy 2500 HD with the 6.0 but hated the ride. So I was willing to sacrifice some payload and went with the tundra. the 5.7 actually has more horse and torque than the 6.0 and the ride was 10 times better.
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    Nice pics, work looks great. Good to see some other MN guys on here. Did you buy the truck at Burnsville Toyota?? Just curious, my dad has bought 3 from them.
  9. polarismalibu

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    Did you have any weight in the back plowing? The front is looking kinda low still! Is that the Coon Rapids Toyota dealer?
  10. spronk1

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    Bought the truck from Luther Toyota in Golden Valley. When I bought it, they were the only ones to have a red DC with buckets in stock.

    Only weight in truck at that time was the toro single stage and a few shovels. Typically I start the route with about a 1/2 pallet of ice melt in back.

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