Equipment carrier, kinda neat.

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by gogetter, Oct 27, 2001.

  1. gogetter

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  2. stslawncare

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    be good for putting a spreader, or snowblower, or even garden tractor with plow on for winter instead of trailer? good idea!
  3. kutnkru

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    I'll second Scotts comments about this towing set-up. I too think that it could be very versatile for small pieces of equipment during inclement weather such as ATVs with plow blades and the like.

  4. Runner

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    I'd sure like to see one of these up close to get some measurements and idea of how theirs is built. This would be easy to build, better than theirs, of course. I have a friend that built one something like that, but his is just out of square tubing and angle iron. It hold two spreaders that roll right up and fit down into slots, and then lock in with a swivel piece of angle iron and a pin. Nice tight fit, and secure. I think I gotta have one.;)
  5. stslawncare

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    also be good for fertilizing and seeding jobs, put the spreader on that thing and the seed/fertilizer/straw etc in the bed of the truck, elimanates the need to haul the trailer. also good when doing the catchup work on saturday, put one mower on this thing, and ur other one in the bed of the truck or whatever.
  6. eskals

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    There are a few people that use those equipment carriers in my area. Mainly I see them for spreaders and in the fall for aerators. Seems like it would be perfect for an aerator. You can keep the heavy machine out back with its own ramp and use the truckbed for a spreader and what not.

  7. cantoo

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    I made a box to fit into the receiver of my minivan two years ago for a trip to Florida. It was 2'x 4' mounted the plates and a light on it. Only problem was I had to readjust the headlights because of the weight out back raised the front of the van way up. You might want to experiment before you spend money on this thing, remember how your truck sits low when you put 6 bags of fert on the tailgate? This thing is out another 4'
  8. morturf

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    For Everybodies info.....this thing is $995 list. I bet you all can make a few for that cost! Take care.
  9. Runner

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    1000 bucks!? Holy COW! You could build 20 of them for that!:pumpkin:
  10. LoneStarLawn

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    I saw a pic on here that someone posted that had a similar set-up.

    I believed they refered to them as a scrub type though.
    I for one think that is a neat set -up.

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