Equipment dealer having mowing crews!

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by J Hisch, Feb 7, 2005.

  1. J Hisch

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    Does this happen in any other markets? We have a very reputable dealer here who has mowing crews. I don't do business with this dealer becasue of this fact. However, he does provide excellant customer service to his commercial cutters. I have bid against him on serveral properties. I can't bring myself to do business with someone who could affect my bottom line. However, many LCO's do business with him. I like the equipment line he carries but I will not buy from him. The dealer who I deal with had this product line and lost it do to the fact they expaned into his market so it was pulled from them. Let me know if anyone else see this? I think this would be a major confilct of interest for the manufactuers.
  2. procut

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    It seems like that guy would just concentrate on one thing, either sell/repair mowers or use them. BTW, there is also a very reputable dealer in my area that has a mow crew. This dealer also services many commercial cutters.
  3. grassman2001

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    There is an outfit I know who both sells and has mowing crews, but he is in the county north of mine but still in the greater cincinnati area. So it really doesn't bother me cause he's too far away from me to be considered competition.
  4. JB1

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    Its the same thing with a lot of nurseries selling plants and landscaping also.
  5. Lbilawncare

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    Why should this bother anyone? Unless he is lowballing the mowing I see absolutely nothing wrong with this. If he wasn't the competition there would be someone else. What is the real issue here, is it that he is getting his equipment for a better deal?
  6. jeffh1988

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    from MS
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    So what your saying is that if you had a guy who forsay has a tire store or gas station and he runs mowing crews you would not do buisiness with him because you would be helping him out. I think competition is competition it dosen't matter what they do besides cut grass your bottom line won't be affected if you are doing a good job and your customers are happy. This guy has just as much of a chance of taking one of your customers as does anyone else.
  7. leaflawnandlimb

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    That's alot like so-called wholesale distributers that sell to the public. It's not right.
  8. plateau lawn care

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    its just a competitor are their not new subdivisions going up in your area people are multiplying everyday i think their is plenty to go around ... like they said if he wasnt bidding someone else would be.
  9. Littleriver1

    Littleriver1 LawnSite Senior Member
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    I didn't read that he was worried about this guy taking his customers. I think he's worried the guy will over charge him on parts, or hold up his repairs or something. Some of the guys at my dealer try to pick your brain on prices and who my custormers are. I try not to give any thing away but I think there is enough business out there for every one. I always stress that I think every one needs to keep the prices up because I know dealers talk to every one. I have never gotten a referral from a dealer. I would think there referrals go to the LCO that spend the most in their shop. I do know if they get a good deal in on a trade or return, the big spenders get first dibbs on it. I think dealers prices are too high anyway,but if they want to cut grass so be it. If I was the only one out there cutting grass, I would be dead in month anyway. I don't think everyone out there cutting grass knows what their doing any way. If I see them broke down needing a belt or something and I have a spare that fits I'll help them. That way, later on if I end up with a few of their customers they'll be cool about it. God bless them, is all I can say. This is hard work, hopefully we'll all do well.
  10. packerbacker

    packerbacker LawnSite Bronze Member
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    If i was a dealer and i was going to get into mowing also i would make a seperate entity so nobody would think they were owned by the same person. It would save trouble in the long run and keep people from thinking like Hirsch does.

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