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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by bobbygedd, Jun 17, 2005.

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    i prefer to buy used equipment, i have purchased brand new before, and have always been screwed by the dealer, and manufacturer. i expect, that when i pay for a brand new piece of equipment, that it should be useable, and if it breaks down the next day after i buy it, or a week, or 2 months later, i expect it to be fixed IMMEDIATELY, while i use thier loaner, OR, i expect to be compensated for lost wages, during the down time. how on earth do you dealers/manufacturers sleep at night, when you take someones money for a brand new piece of equipment, then when it breaks down, you hang them out to dry? i bought a brand new toro, broke down same day, total piece of junk, ZERO dealer/manufacturer support. i bought a brand new stihl backpack, piece of junk from day one. i bought a brand new red max w/all the attachments ($1300), been in the shop 7 times in less than 2 yrs. i been charged for every repair, and waited 2-3 weeks each time to get it back, only to have it break down shortly after. what do you say redmax? you've cost me about $250 in repairs, and a couple thousand in lost wages cus i'm always without the machine. you gonna pay for it?
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    Which Redmax are you refering to that cost you $1300?

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