Equipment Decisions- What is your opinion?

Discussion in 'Starting a Lawn Care Business' started by mmrunyan1, Nov 26, 2012.

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    The following equipment is what I will be purchasing. This is all being purchased at a shop about 10 miles from my home that is a licensed Echo dealer and repair location. I chose this location because they have new and used equipment, in house repair and loaners if needed, and they have industry pricing.

    Equipment I already own (this will be used as back ups (other than the truck and trailer.

    1994 Ford F150 (excellent condition and can be fully dedicated to the business)
    7' X 12' trailer with side rails I bought from cousin a year ago (brand unknown)
    Craftsman 33" and 22" walk behind mowers
    Craftsman Blower, Line Trimmer and Edger

    Equipment I am buying:
    Echo SR266T Line Trimmer
    Echo 500T Backpack Blower
    Echo PE266 Power Edger
    Honda 21" Bagger Mower

    Toro 44" Walk Behind Mower
    Toro 32" Walk Behind Mower

    Of course I understand that oil and gas and cans and shovels and many other small items are needed.

    What are your opinions on the equipment? Would you advise anything different?

    And thanks to all the people that posted and answered my previous posts.
  2. Nate'sLawnCare

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    Looks like a pretty good list, but do you really need a 21 and a 32 inch mower right away? If you're doing small properties with gates, the 32 should work just fine. If you're concerned about bagging, you can pick up a bagger for your 32 w/b for much less than the price of a Honda 21 inch mower. Good luck!
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    This is the kind of info I wish you'd provided sooner. It seems to me that your mowers are kind of redundant and all small....a 21, a 22, a 32, a 33 and a 44. Since you already have a 33, call that your gate machine...probably won't use it much so it should do for now even though it's a Craftsman, and you have a 22 that you could use in gated areas if that failed on you. So skip the new 32 and 44, because 44 isn't much bigger. I'd say just add a 48 or 52 inch hydro walk behind with a sulky and call that your primary mower. I like a 48 because you can always load it into the truck and there seem to be a lot of landscaping features only 4 feet apart....just a pretty versatile machine that you can use on anything from a 5,000 square foot to a 1 or 2 acre yard.

    I'd step up in the blower category if you plan to do cleanups at all, and if you're maintaining lawns that's kind of a given. If you're sold on Echo, the 770 is a nice machine...almost bought one but found one I liked a little better. The bigger blowers really save a lot of time and if you're solo it's all about efficiency. An extra $200 or so spent now will pay for itself quickly and then over and over as time goes on.

    Honda makes nice mowers, but do you really need one now?

    I think you could make a decent go of it just adding a 48 inch hydro mower and a big blower. As you add accounts and need to increase your efficiency or your Crapsman stuff breaks down you could buy the pro stuff as you go. A 7 x 12 trailer is a good size to start with and for many to stick with (what I've used for 11 years but I have a dump trailer too). The truck should do as well, even though it's the wrong brand, lol.

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    hey- 1st off good luck to you! I had a crapsman 33 inch mower,it was a total POS full of problems-(bought brand new), if i were you id sell it and keep the toros on the list, or something close to it! (like a 32 & a 48). keep the 22 for now. My area has alot of gated back yards and my 32 squeezes through all of them that i can think of

    I bought a brand new echo edger and ended up selling it bc i got tired of tripping over it, my weed wacker seems to be faster

    My 94 f-150 pulls my trailer no problem, tow with O/D off so you dont gearhunt!!
    I also installed helper springs so i could add another 8-900 lbs, totally worth the $ if your in this business, keep us posted and we want pics lol

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