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  1. well i have come to the point of i am going to have to replace all my string trimmers and push mowers this year. I cant keep them out of the shop they have made a great run but its to the point where i am going to have to shell out close to 10 grand

    i have drawn my reserves down more than I want to on repairing equipment and with some bad financial decisions in the past my personal credit is not up to par.

    Does anyone know of any financial institutions for financing equipment?

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    Financing will be another bad financial decision. 10 grand for trimmers and push mowers? One at a time. 1,500 will get you started. I'm telling you... debt is ALWAYS a bad decision, especially in business.
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    You should be able to buy handhelds cash if they are already worn out. If not you need to check your pricing and get your profits up.

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