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Discussion in 'Starting a Lawn Care Business' started by jesse6135, Apr 14, 2008.

  1. jesse6135

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    Hello all, I am in the beggining research phases of starting my solo lawn business. I am wondering if I could get some opinions on the equipment I should have. The only thing I started with is a 2004 F150 2wd pickup V6 5-Speed (good on Gas) The rest I am really wondering about. There is soooo much to choose from and I have talked to many people but they all have their opinions. So I figure I should go where the pros hang out (here). help me out with mowers, trimmers, blowers, trailers, ect........... thanks:usflag:
  2. M & MD Lawn

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    Hey your from indy, about time someone else is on here. But anyway i started with a 52inch gravely a echo trimmer and blower. I would say depending on how much you want to spend start w/a walk behind, stihl or echo trimmer, and a stihl blower(liter). as far a trailer goes, I say a dependind on how much you plan to do/grow a 6 or 7 by 14 would be good, i have a 6 x 10 custom and it limited me when i bought my 60, so i had to buy a new trailer but the 6/7 by 14 would be good i think. i know a auction in monrovia who has good used equip. pm me for details.
  3. jesse6135

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    Hey, thanks for the info. I am a rookie here so I am trying to figure out how to pm you. I would like to go to the auction and check out the auction. Tell me about you and your business. What made you get into the business? How did you start? and so on..... I like to hear how people got started.
  4. jiggz

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    from jerz
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    This is what I recommend

    Trimmer… not a place to cheep out on,, your gonna have to bring about 300 to the table for a good unit like a shin, redmax, ect

    Blower… 150 for a sthil handheld that’s your best bet, unless your dong full apt complexes and big leaf cleanups

    Cheep ass but quality push mower. I like Murry.. unless your cutting 1/3 acre or more of grass then invest in a cheep w/b mower

    Broom and a dustpan..

    people will argue with me, but all in all thats a decent setup all for less then 800 bucks and youll do just a good a job as someone with 10,000 in equpt.. itll just talk you a little longer.. but who cares about time its not like youll be mowing a hundred properties a day..

    the first thing i would invest in as soon as you start cutting is another cheep push mower.. and try and find a used trimmer.. your gonna need backups uncase something stupid happens
  5. farmboy52787

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    Ill have to disagree with you on that, if people see you have crappy cheep equipment there not going to hire you because they could pay the same price to have a guy come in with nice commercial equipment and leave a pattern and suck up all the clippings. Then if they see your fast they'll reccommend to someone else. Its all word of mouth these days, advertising in newspapers is a waste of money. If your going to do a lawn business, buy the right kind of equipment so you can grow and make a decent amount of money. Jesse Look into getting a fairly used Walker Mower, a new 16' landscape trailer, and either a new echo or stihl blowers and trimmers and you will do just fine.
  6. BillyRgn

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    no need to overspend, i would buy a nice 48 inch belt drive walkbehind in the $1,500.00 - $1,800.00 dollar range, that way there is no need for a trailer you cian ramp it into the back of your truck to save money until your larger, and can afford one. i would also buy a shindiawa 22T string trimmer it is about $200.00 and is the best bang for the buck, even though it is a homepro it has amazing power and is an all around great trimmer, i would also buy a real good back pack blower (shindiawa EB630 or 8510) about $450-$500 new that way you can do clean ups with out having to buy a push blower yet, also a couple of rakes(leaf & rock), wheel barrow, shovels(Spade,Flat,Snow), Pitch Fork,and a couple of trash cans and that is plenty of equiptment to start with.
  7. Scenery Lawn Care

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    im in the phase you are in, i about got all my equipment togather, i eneded up getting the quick 36 to start out with, and i already had a used trimmer, its a craftsman and its already a couple years old so once the bussiness starts making money i will get a new one, as far as a blower i got the bag for the mower so i dont even think ill need one right away. Ill test it on my own yard first and if still blows on the street or sidewalk ill get a blower, but if not ill wait till i mow a few yards then get one. but from what ive read alot of ppl have started out with a walk behind.
  8. All_Toro_4ME

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    You will need a blower. End of story, enough said.
  9. charmill26

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    yep hes right
  10. jtoman

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    I started small and worked my way up to nice stuff.

    I dont understand how some people can just "start up" a business and go drop 20000 on a new mower, trailer, equipment, and so on.

    I started with 2 push mowers, then got a small used ztr, then a newer small ztr, then a wb, then a big pro ztr. you get the picture.

    Get what you need until you start turning over some profit.

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