equipment for tree removal and chipping bussiness.

Discussion in 'Heavy Equipment & Pavement' started by t190, Aug 10, 2007.

  1. t190

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    looking to start a tree removal(pine beetle) and chipping bussiness. Mainly residentuail (sp)
    looking for advice on equipment;
    would like to be self contained.
    looking at soo far:
    large track skid steer: Deere ct332
    tree shear
    light material bucket
    GMC 6500 or equal truck you are able to drive with a class 5, with dump box that you can also haul a skid in the back of. (is it possible?)
    mainly a horizontal chipper you can pull.(need advice)
    Looking for every ones 2 cents etc.
    ideas open
  2. grandview (2006)

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  3. dozerman21

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    I wouldn't try to haul the skid in the box of a truck that size. That would be a good truck to pull the loader with. A CT332 weighs 10,500+lbs., so keep that in mind before you buy anything to move it.

    What about a dump trailer? That would leave you with a lot of options for a truck, and you could haul the loader or material. You would probably have to beef up the ramps. I think most are only rated up to 10,000lbs. Just make sure whatever trailer or truck you get, it's going to be heavy and big enough for down the road, at least as far as you can see.:)
  4. Gravel Rat

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    Any of the tree surgeons here have a chipper and a 1.5 ton truck with a dump box on it for catching the chips.

    First question why do you need a skid steer and a tree sheer ?

    Falling trees by hand is easier in residential work especially if you have to bring the tree down in chunks.

    I would rather have a excavator with a hydaulic thumb over a skid steer. A mini excavator can push small trees over and assist in directing trees in falling. A mini excavator can rip out the stumps and move the lengths of logs.

    Last question do you have any experience in tree removal ?
  5. ksss

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    I do work for several tree service guys. Mostly it amounts to stump removal which would support GR theory. My advice would be that you don't need a 332 to cut trees. I use my excavator for these guys to sometimes load trucks or more likely dig stumps out. You don't that much capacity to pickup trees. I would get a smaller wheeled skid steer something in the 2400 ROC range. Your trucks will always be on the street more than likely. I would invest in some Altura mats and use that instead. Tracked machines make a mess when turning so you are not likely to gain anything. The mats will prevent you from sinking in yards. Your operating costs will be lower and your investment will be smaller. You will never get the money out of a large tracked machine for what your doing, unless your doing something specialized. A 85Xt or 445 sized machine would be as big as I would go and you could certainly go smaller. Rememeber you can usually cut the material down to the size that you can handle it. These are some of my thoughts. Your money will be better spent on getting a good chipper, bucket truck, and chipper truck. Thats were you will make your money.
  6. Stillwater

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    Don't you hate it when a reasonable question is asked and BAM! you get a slew of responses about insurance licenses the law and various other lines of BS totally unrelated to the question you asked?
  7. Stillwater

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    No! "first" would be a reasonable response related to his question. He asked about equipment, He did not ask about Business Management
  8. t190

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    skid steer and shear: For traveling long distances for doing pine beetle slective logging,there is no money to be made doing it besides for chippin git due to lumber prices, soo the mill is out. the tree shear will cut more trees down on acerages opposed to a faller etc.(time/money)

    this is aimed more at people with land, not as much 2 trees on your front lawn.
    I meen like 30 pine spread over 3 acres, in which you need travel speed to be productive. mini wont do that well.

    Now do i have any experience with tree removal;
    hmm lets see our family is supported by wood
    grampa owns a logging show; 150 000 cubic meters a year
    2 bunchers, 3 skidders, 3 processors,3 cats,2 966s,2button tops, 2 road builders
    dad loaded logs,(7 minute 7 axle loads with a 200 size button top averaging 35 loads a day:dizzy: , now gravel rat your from bc have u heard of anything near that withthat size machine?) owns 3 highway trucks and 5 logging trucks.
    moms a forester, mainly small scale salvage and shes the one who wants to do this, iam just getting the info for her
  9. Scag48

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    The best advice I've ever recieved was advice I didn't ask for. Fact.

    Some people overlook the smaller points of operating a business, I guess Grandview was just trying to make sure he didn't buy the cart before the horse.

    Sounds like t190 has answered all his own questions in this thread. If your family has been in logging so long and you know what a productive machine for the job would be, why are you asking landscapers and excavation guys about logging equipment on an online forum? :dizzy: Sounds like you got it figured out, go for it dude.
  10. Stillwater

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    Really? thats good.......

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