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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by RoewMow, Jan 26, 2002.

  1. RoewMow

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    Hey guys I am new in the business and need some help. My brother and I have started a service and need advice on the best equipment for the money.

    We are looking at a 2002 Gravely 260Z w/ 25hp Kaw. and a Gravely or Toro Walk Behind (hydro or gear?). Big investment and we're sweating it out.

    Typical lots to be cut are gas stations and restaurants as well as large (3 - 5 acre) residential lots.

    Any feedback on the above equipment? Thanks and look forward to hearing back from you. :cool:
  2. C4chris70

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    I really don't know too much about the Gravely line, but I would highly recommend a Toro walk behind. I purchased a 36 inch Toro belt drive with a 14hp Kohler 14 years ago, and this mower still starts on the first pull and cuts beautifully. If you can swing the added costs of the hydro it would be a good investment, however since you are just starting out you will want to keep your spending to a minimum. Best of luck with your new business.
  3. Mark

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    Do a search on the Mowers,youll get a idea of what is some of the best equipment. I think instead of the gravely rider id try a exmark or toro z master and use the gravely for a walkbehind. Id also get at least a 52" or larger for the accounts youve shown. Like i said hit the search,then demo what your really interested in. Marks Mowing Service Dixie choppers are great mowers also, The most important thing is a great dealer thats a first. Good Luck
  4. thartz

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  5. RoewMow

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    Well, around here the Gravely (60")seems to be the machine with the most features for the best price. The Exmark dealers around here won't deal and seem to think they have the corner on the market. We looked at Scag and Yazoo/Kees as well but the Scags were pricey as well (same dealers what a coincidence) the Yazoo was a 40 minute drive. We would look at the Hustler but can't find a dealer nearby and we can't afford to have 2hrs downtime just to have it serviced at the "proper" place. We've looked at Husqvarna ZTR (60") as well but the dealer left a lot to be desired.

    It looks like we'll go with the Toro walk behind unless someone has a better alternative.

    Reliability and downtime are our concerns. Any further input would be appreciated.
  6. RoewMow

    RoewMow LawnSite Member
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    Dealers are the real question, does anybody know a reputable/helpful dealer in Cinti. other than the Gravely dealer (Highly Recommended by others).
  7. mowerconsultant

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    Just signed a new dealer in your area.
    Here they are:

    Midwest Golf & Turf
    4730 Ashely Drive
    Hamilton , OH 45011
    Phone: 513-870-0088
    Fax: 513-870-9832

    We just signed this dealer in the last 2 weeks, he will have The Hustler Z line in stock in a few days.
    Please call them, and set up a demo.
    We are working on setting up a couple more dealers in your area, should be done by next month
    If you have any questions please e-mail me

    LAWNS AND MOWER LawnSite Bronze Member
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    I've never used a Gravely before, but I have been using a Toro 44 inch Proline (belt drive) for 6 years fulltime and have been very pleased. Was thinking about replacing it this season but I think I'll try to get one more season out of it. (Been saying this for 3 years). I've heard that hydro's take a while to get used to and can be very touchy.

  9. thartz

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    Lawns & Mower, I have a 52" toro hydro that I really like and I totally agree about it being touchy; especially if you have the bar style instead of handles going up & down hills causes mine to want to bounce. I do like the hydro since it is so easy to go into reverse.

    Why are you guys so stuck on "A" dealer support?

    I look for a machine that has more than 1 dealer selling it.

    I look for multi dealers.


    One place for parts, one place for repairs.

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