Equipment....Lease or Buy?

Discussion in 'Business Operations' started by Thomas Sayle, Apr 26, 2001.

  1. Thomas Sayle

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    I feel like I am abusing the great service that is provided by this forum. I would like to personally thank everyone that responded to my last thread. Now, onto my next question. I am thinking of going with ExMark mowers. But, do I go with the lease option that will allow me to trade mowers every to years, or do I buy the mowers flat out. Again, thank you in advance for any advice, any let me know if anyone is getting tired of me.

    Thomas Sayle
    Barefoot LawnCare
  2. Avery

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    Depends on your tax situation. Our accountant advises us to lease. More advantages for us.
  3. Jason_S

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    I like the idea of leasing your commercial equipment whether it's a truck, or mowers etc.

    First, you will always have the new technology, and new,professional looking equipment.

    Second, you seldom will need to worry about breakdowns, if one comes up, IT'S THE DEALERS PROBLEM!!!!!! No hair off your back there!

  4. joshua

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    buy it, it sound to me that are you are going to do is your own house maybe a few more. over 350 hours on my lazer from last year till this, not 1 problem, i clean it every day change the oil every 50 hours check all the fittings and everything else, so that it doesn't break down, and it won't if i keep taking care of it.

    if your responsable to take care of it buy it. if not lease it. its that simple
  5. Roger

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    I suggest checking with your tax accountant. I'm not sure how big of business you are or intend to be. I was told that, at least for me, that up to $20K of equipment could be deducted in the year it was bought. IOW, the total deduction can be taken off the top immediately.

    That may fit with your situation, OR it may not. Again, he/she is the one who can best advise.


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