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Discussion in 'Starting a Lawn Care Business' started by Gerschel, Apr 24, 2014.

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    I understand how everyone has a different overhead cost because each has different equipment, different maintenance schedule depending on equipment, projected growth etc. With this post I'm hoping to see a range to look at median and average. This way I could get a better understanding of where I'm at. It isn't something I've calculated as of yet, I just have a vague idea. I haven't had enough consistence to determine this in whole.
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    It will vary depending on your situation. if you have to take everything to the repair shop you will have to figure in their labor which is around $70 per hour most places, and how well you intend to take care of your equipment. another is if you will be running it yourself, or let every joe blow operate it. I personally built a shop and have a spare for everything. if something breaks down I swap it out and fix it myself, eliminating down time and the $70 per hour I would be paying the shop.
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    Mowers are seriously easy to work on as a whole. And you save sooo much money learning to do stuff yourself.

    Really the hardest thing is electrical things, when they break they look the same as they did when they worked. (most of the time)

    Hydraulics and engine rebuilds would be the next worse things.

    I havent really tracked how much we spend on maintenance and fixing. Last year we did nothing but oil changes and basic maintenance, and the year before that I had to fix a fried ignition system, a pto, and replace a cylinder head.

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