Equipment Maintenance Scheduling

Discussion in 'Business Operations' started by Lance Takara, Nov 20, 2001.

  1. Lance Takara

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    Anyone have a good system they use to maintain their equipment (the ones that need regular servicing) or any suggestions on how to set up a system - log records, methods to remind employees to service equipment at specified intervals, etc.?
  2. MOW ED

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    Welcome to Lawnsite. There are lots of people here that will undoubetedly answer your request. I think you could have got alot of answers on the regular forum and mayby a moderator will relocate it for you.

    I don't have a major mowing operation with lots of Z's and handhelds but I manage pretty well on a small scale. I just keep track of the hour meters.

    I have to apologize for responding without really answering your question but I spent all day yesterday "WINTERIZING" my equipment and thought about how nice it would be if I didn't have to put it away for the winter.

    Hopefully you will not have to winterize your stuff:D
    Hey, Are ya hiring winter help?????
  3. Guido

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    different kinds of generic spreadsheets and forms, but I think all in all, the best way is to customize a sheet for each piece of equipment. Most of the time the owners manuals have maintenance charts in them to go by. Thats the easy part. The hard part is keeping track of it all. Unless you design a good system and really keep up with the tracking, all the paper in the world is usless.

    Good Luck!
  4. Lance Takara

    Lance Takara LawnSite Member
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    Thanks for the reply guys. What is the "regular forum?." I was more interested in a "tickler" or reminder system so the crew will know when the equipment needed servicing and have the work performed.

    One suggestion I had was to put a sticker to show mileage or hours for the next maintenance service. Any other suggestions?
  5. paul

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  6. Stonehenge

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    Lance, I don't know what size outfit you've got there. Here I've got 4 trucks, a skid loader and 14 or so pieces of eqpt with small engines of one sort or another.

    I have no formal system like Paul's (and we're not as big as Paul's outfit), but at the beginning of each season I set aside one day per month for maintenance. I have no set formula, but everything gets cleaned, and those toys that have had the most use over that month get oil changes, maybe the air filters replaced.

    I'm jealous just seeing that you're in Hawaii - I've been to Maui 2x and look forward to a return, maybe to Lanai. Any recommendations for a place that is remote (non-touristy)?
  7. kris

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    What a great question ... Paul I think I will download the 30 day free version to try out and find more info on it.

    We constantly struggle with this... piece of cake this time a year... everything gets maintained and is logged in a book.. problem is once spring hits and all hell breaks loose. Guys are handed a grease gun and told to grease the machine, check the oil etc etc.. Then we get a rainy day and change the oils ...getting the drift? It really is not on a strict schedule after winter ... we constantly talk about this and granted have gotten a bit better... not to where I would like to see it.
  8. gusbuster

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    I would use the owner manuals of each and every piece of equipment to set up a maintenance cycle per machine. When each equipment was serviced, log what exactly was done.

    I would think it would be easier to delegate your crew leader(s) responsibility of maintenance on machines. There is no way around it though, you need to double\make sure the maintenance is being done.

    We just do the maintenance on all machines at the end of a route cycle. (filter, basic cleaning ect..) Oil changes once every 4 cycles of my route. This is easier for everybody to remember and habit for us. Oh, on rain out days, cleaning of the filters is automaticly done. I still pay my guys whether we cut grass or not.

  9. paul

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    Kris it also helps in keeping track of fuel and any special maintance you need to do to the equipment, we still mark the filters with the hours and date
  10. landscaper3

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    We have a BIG 6' by 4' white marker board the ones that use erasable ink. We put our 5 trucks, 7 mowers, and other equipment that needs oil changes on one side of the board. We got a 2' by 2' same type of board to show when we last serviced our 2-strokers (plugs, carbs ect) Its an inexpensive way to view your equipment on a daily basis.

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