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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by landscaper22, Jun 6, 2008.

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    Well, this may sound like a crazy observation..... If you are like me, you can point out every thing about each piece of equipment that you do not like.
    Different types of trimmers seem to have their own personality for lack of better wording. I have had 3 Sthil FS-80R trimmers 1 Echo SRM-260 since I have been in business. I love the quality of both the Sthil and Echo units, but to me the Echo trimmers have some issues that irritate me. They seem to be bad about scalping, everything gets wrapped around the head, the bump knob is super sensitive, and re-stringing is a b**** because it is difficult to get the spool locked back in place. Sthil has its problems too, but nothing bad. At least they can design a trigger that doesn't break every time it gets caught on something. It is funny how you notice these small things about each brand of equipment. Same with edgers, but I like the Echo edgers a little better overall.

    Anyway, I have been thinking about trying a Redmax trimmer. Everyone seems to speak highly of the Redmax, but I was just wondering if it is easy to control like the Sthil, or is it bad about scalping, wasting string, or getting things caught around the head like Echo? Or are there any other issues that would keep you from buying a Redmax? Maybe it's just me that has noticed this difference in the brands. But it can't be because my employees in the past have had the same problems with the Echo. It is to the point where I don't want my employees using it on nice properties, especially the bermuda lawns, because it will have that butchered look when he is done. Am I crazy, or do you guys have some of the same problems?
    I just didn't want to waste the money on Redmax, and start using it and be disappointed. Any info would be appreciated. I guess it is just one of those things. If you have only used one brand of equipment, you probably wouldn't know any better. But, when you have used different brands you will know what I am talking about. It always seems that what one brand lacks the other brand will have perfected. But they all lack something. Why can't one brand just get it all right? Sometimes I just want to make my own brand of equipment. I believe the smart people who design the equipment must hire someone to maintain their properties. They put so much time and effort into making the item and it has some neat features, but they leave out that one detail that would have made it perfect. Every time!

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