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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by Bunton Guy, Sep 9, 2001.

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    Ok here we go. I currently am in the market for a new or used 36" wb and after that I want to get a 61" Rider . So My problem is that my local dealer that I do ALL my buisness with has several good deals. here they are
    1-Brand new Bunton w/b gear drive $2,300.00
    4-to choose from of used Hydro Bunton 54" w/b $1,000 each
    1-Gravely 50" Hydro w/b
    1-Bunton 36" w/b gear drive DEMO used under 100 hours. but has been sitting for over 1-2 years. He said he will service it to run like new. $1,200

    Now I think what I might want to do is get that demo 36" w/b & one of those used Hydro wb with the larger deck on it . That used bunton demo is in preety good shape and keep in mind those 4 bunton 54" mower and that one Gravely are anywhere from 5-10 years old and he has fixed them up to run like new. They have motors ranging from 16-20 hp the gravely has a 20 hp. These mowers have under 1,500 the gravely being the lesser amount of hours. The used Bunton 36" walk behind has under 100 hours and ofcoarse the new bunton 36" w/b has NO hours on it. What would you guys do ? pass up this good deal and just get the 1 new 36" or get the used 36" and the used 54" for the same price as just ONE new 36 " ? I was planning on getting a 2 wheel Velke with any which one of these deals . And after I get this deal done with I plan on getting a Great Dane 61" rider with the 25 kohler on it. Great peice for around 6,800.00 And also keep in mind all these mower are in decent working condition and have been kept looking great... Except for the deck but you guys know that using the hell out of these peices make scratches on the deck and half the damage on the deck is just years or GREASE and can be worked off.
  2. Eric ELM

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    If you get the Gravely and the Dane, you will have to change your user name. :) Just Kidding.

    Having two mowers for the price of one sounds like a good deal especially if you have any helpers. With that combo, you can do small gated properties or the bigger lawns faster with the bigger mower.

    The only problem I can see is if your 36" breaks down, you would have to do the gated ones with a push mower or figure out how to get the bigger one on the turf, but even a new 36" could break down. I hope this doesn't make it harder to decide. ;)
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    Man Eric, lift him up and then body slam him. :p

    He's right. You might want to consider getting a big and small machine. Productivity will go up and let a helper learn the 36" for backyards. After you get a Z you can leave the bigger w/b for a backup.
  4. Runner

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    Demo the 54" hydro wb. If it runs strong, (after running for awhile even through thick stuff), cuts good, nab it up! 1g, you can hardly go wrong. (Of course this guy will probably come down about 10% of his asking price, especially if you mention that HE will be your parts supplier and future business). Good luck with it!
  5. Bunton Guy

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    I currently use a Bunton 48" w.b (geardrive) and a 54" rider that is currently actually sold. but will not be picked up for another week or two. I curretly have to push mow all backyards so thats why my first need is a 36" w.b & hopefully if those 5 different hydro walk behinds work well I will pick the newest or in best condition mower and run that more than my 48" so my line up might be a
    36" gear drive w.b
    48" gear drive w.b
    54" Hydro w.b
    61" hydro Rider
    That should work out great for my workers. :D
  6. fivestarlawnken

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    I would buy the 36 demo and 54 .They seem like good prices esp.the 36.Make a deal and see if he will throw in a sulky to use on all your mowers.:D
  7. vipermanz

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    that is a predicament, i plan on going with a 60"&37" hustlers

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