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Discussion in 'Original Pictures Forum' started by etwman, Dec 20, 2002.

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    :laugh::laugh::laugh: i find that funny
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    etwman, in one post you said you might take 3 hrs to read this whole thing one day. I have read the whole thing and it took almost all day to read it. Congratulations to you and your crew. I think all you've put on this forum, work and words, has been great for everyone of us in the buisiness. I appreciate the time you are taking to do this. Good luck with all. Donnie
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    Musclecar boy : "I really admire the company you've built, its something I aspire to build. When I tell people I do landscaping, the first thing they think of is a guy driving a rusted truck with an old 21" mower in the back that cuts lawns for $15. I'm actually a perfectionist that creates beautiful outdoor experiences for people through the use of stone, water, wood, plants, etc. Even being only 17, I want to feel like I'm doing something useful, not just playing X-Box for 6 hours a day."

    Well said! I think your doing real good man, Me only being 19 am in the same boat as you are. But one thing I have been told time and time and time again is not to grow too fast, not like I know it all either but just keep that in mind bud. 2 guys working for ya at 17 is wicked awsome, maby a little too awsome. Hopefully ETWman will keep on sharing some of his secrets to help guide us down the right path and make us half as successful as he is!
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    I hear ya man... from the business side of things, I'm always learning. I'm really trying to pull back on the reins because everything is moving so fast. I come from a family with nothing (dad's fault... long story) so when I taste success I push for more and more but sometimes that could hurt me instead of help. I'm trying to learn as much as I can this year and come away with a bit of cash to carry me through the winter and into next year.
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    I was up in NY last week and took some better final pics of the mini golf project, and yes I did play it....

    Mini Golf 8.jpg

    Mini Golf 9.jpg

    Mini Golf 10.jpg

    Mini Golf 11.jpg

    Mini Golf 12.jpg
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    etwman, that looks great, and that's an understatement. Mind telling us your score? lol

    Are there any fish in the ponds?
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    Looks awesome man! What did a project like that run? Give or take a dollar or 2!?!
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    Wow that looks amazing, you guys did a great job.
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    So your customers want stamped concrete? I have about 6500 sf of it they can have. We're removing all of this at a local country club and replacing it with EPHenry Old Town Cobble. There are two types of stamped concrete. Concrete that has cracked and concrete that will crack.

    In 10 years I don't ever recall someone taking pavers out to put stamped concrete in however at least 3 times a year we remove stamped concrete.

    I'll post some more pics once we begin laying tomorrow.

    BC 1.jpg

    BC 2.jpg

    BC 3.jpg

    BC 4.jpg

    BC 5.jpg
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    Holy cow. that's a mess. What do you do with the old concrete? That club house is pretty though.

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