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    i like what your saying ,its pretty cut and dry .i think im gonna start off 09 following this.thanks:drinkup:
  2. deere615

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    Nice work, do you guys travel far for alot of you work?
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    Hershey is about 20 minutes from you guys isn't it Jarod? Either way, there are some gigantic houses up there. And you mean you don't only do "EP Henry Paver Patios"...fascinating. Anyways, Looks Great! Talk to you soon.
  4. deere615

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    I didn't know he was that close to hershey.
  5. etwman

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    Half hour up the back way. Being located 1 mile from the turnpike exit we can be in Philly, Allentown, Harrisburg, York, and Hershey all within 45 minutes.
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    what foot ball team do you like? eagles or steelers?
  7. etwman

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    The Eagles because of some personal attachments. Hershey is about a 35 minute haul for us.

    Attached are some pics of another project we opened up in Hershey. The fall in the back yard is pretty substantial thus the need for a 1000 sf retaining wall. It is engineered and is being constructed out of EPHenry Cov Plus Wall. Above the wall will be a two tier patio, fireplace, and pond. We will most likely build the wall, tweak the design while head to another project and come back to finish this one up later this fall. We have another project we have to be at by mid October and are full for the year so scheduling is becoming a challenge.

    Earlier this week we just sold our largest residential landscape/hardscape project to date in our company's history. The project (not the one posted below) will total just under $425k and be all natural products. I normally don't post dollar figures on projects but the scope of this project needs to be put into perspective. Completion date to be late next spring, but we will start this fall. I need to get permission from the client to release photos to the public before posting the final design. It will be a masterpiece to say the least. I may consider starting a separate thread for that one but I will see. For now its labeled as Project X.



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    Wall looks good... the start of it any way

    what is the reason for two compactors the hand one and the plate one
  9. RedMax Man

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    Is the gray thing with orange paint on it on the side of the dirt embankment a septic tank?
  10. cleancutccl

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    in your trench are you using sand as a leveling pad? Just see a difference in material and don't know what it is, Here our AB3 or crushed limestone is a tan color.

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