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Discussion in 'Original Pictures Forum' started by etwman, Dec 20, 2002.

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    The compactors in the trench are a plate tamper and a jumping jack. The jumping jack will work better in a tight area and give you the compaction that you need.

    Yes that is the septic tank, our grid will run right up to it.

    Our 2A modified is grey crushed limestone.
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    Do you own any of those nice toy's yet? (Skid, Mini)
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    Jared I got a few questions.

    A few pages back you posted pictures of a dry stacked wall. It appears that you jointed the top stones with mortar. How do you think the mortar will hold up in a dry stack application with the constant freeze and thaw?

    On this current job the trench looks alittle narrow. How wide do you like to dig your wall trenches? Do you put geo texile just on the bottom of the trench? I always through it was best to have it on all sides 3 sides where the base hits dirt. Whats that wacker 1550 doing in the pic? Those things are not good for anything. You don't use them for base compaction do ya?

    Good luck on that big project.
  4. etwman

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    There's a footer in that application. The customer wanted that look for the top, looking for a cap look.

    The footer for the current job is 24" wide (and 2 feet deep) since that was the bucket on the hoe. We buried two full courses. We ran textile across the base and about 12" up the sides. Different applications for different jobs according to engineers. In the NY job we actually wrapped the entire stone footer on all sides and top before laying block, just follow the engineers I suppose. The 1550 is in there just to fine tune and compact the top 1" of modified stone, that's about all it was good for in this application. For most of our compaction we use the 3545 or jumping jack (footers) with fine tuning with the 1550.
  5. mrusk

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    What type of footing does the dry laid wall have?

    I too sometimes use the 1550 for the top layer of base. While 24" wide base meets industry standards I perfer wider. I dig all my footers the width of my pc150s bucket. Unless I am doing a straight wall I like to have room to play with when laying out curves. A wall never failed for to much base.
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    everything is amazing!!! nice work!!!
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    My 2008 fall clean up set up.





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    :help: what does that^^^^^ have to do with this thread? :confused:
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    its equipment
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    Ya but this thread is meant for etwman's equipment pictures!

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