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Discussion in 'Original Pictures Forum' started by etwman, Dec 20, 2002.

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    I suspect Bushhog Boy is really a mower salesman planted here to make us feel the need to upgrade to new stuff. : ) But I think he was just kidding around. Obviously he's not running state of the art equipment either. And it's "cranked deck" not cracked

    '00 Toyota Tundra SR5 V8 modified w/ heavy duty springs/shocks

    5.5x12 ft landscape trailer (or)

    Safe-T-Ramp system (mounts to trailer hitch of pickup for use w/o a trailer, Lazer rolls right up into truck bed)

    48" Lazer Z HP 18hp w/ mulching kit
    36" Toro T bar 12hp wb w/ velke
    21" Toro self-propelled (x 2)

    Echo SRM 2400/3100/2600 trimmers
    Echo (the big one) blower
    Echo PB 400E blowers (x2)
    Echo HC 1500 hedge trimmer
    Echo hedge trimmer attachment plugged on end of string trimmer for reach
    Various Poulan chainsaws (x3)

    Ryan drum type Aerator
    Ryan dethatcher
    towed core aerator (cheap, but effective)
    Push power edger (rarely used)
    Push reel mower (used just at home!)
    Home Depot special garden rake
    torn blue tarp with various holes....3 worn out plastic trash barrels...oh this is getting ridiculous!
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    I just don't need some 12 yr old telling me I'm running out dated equipment. I mean look at his stuff. Iknow alot of guys around here that run the same Scag as mine and have had alot more problems with them and keep em. But just to let you know Bushhogboy, I was planning to trade the scag in for another deere. So I hope my new purchase meets you approval.
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    He doesn't like John Deere. When he worked at the John Deere dealership, he mowed the lawn with a M665, he says JD doesn't stripe. :p :D
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    DLCS, I'll admit that JD's aren't the best "out of the box" stripers but they build a damn good machine and my local dealer cannot be beat of service. Plus a 2yr unlimited hr warranty. The kid just doesn't know what hes talking about and hasn't replied back so ...what ever.
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    My homie-made sulky:

    sulky front view.jpg
  6. lawncare3

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    Brimow525 - Go Deere - Best Service - Heavy duty Frames - Good engines - Mow nicely - Can add lots of stuff to them and they can take it[​IMG]

    wide deck-snow-1.jpg
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    I purchased a new 757 with the 60" deck last year. I have no complaints so far. I think mine stripes pretty good, but my customers really could careless about stripes.
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    This is my 7hp 21" crapsman RED mower:

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    What an exciting post lawncare3...I've always wondered what one of those looked like...very good input for the site!

    :rolleyes: :rolleyes:

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