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Discussion in 'Original Pictures Forum' started by etwman, Dec 20, 2002.

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    ETW, if you would care to share, what is your best form of marketing (other than quality, word of mouth, ect...). What type of demographics?
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    One of the best feelings in the world having confidence in your work force!
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    I'm pulling a late one here tonight, finsihing the final take off for the project on post #1093, the CAD drawing of the pool project. I have to place the travertine order this week as the pool is being dug soon. 5,413 sf of travertine, with accenting with a dark brown 6x6 concrete paver in multiple areas. This is going to be cool. I'll have to post a pic sometime of the layout for the accenting. I think I would put this job in my top 5 favorite.

    Answers to questions. Marketing? There's about a combination of about 10 things that we do combined that put us where we need to be. Its kind of the perfect recipe and I'd rather not divulge those secrets on a public forum. I will tell you though some companies will do some here and there, but in order for it to all work like a well oiled machine, they all need to be implemented equally.

    Confidence in the work force comes from getting the right guys and a two way street of respect. I can honestly say in 10 years I have never once raised my voice to any of my employees or cursed at them whatsoever. I can say the same thing in return for any of them. We all have great understanding of what we expect from each other.
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    Love the thread because it allows me to benchmark a successful businessman. I realized the importance of benchmarking when a brilliant entrepreneur came and spoke to my entrepreneur/small business college class and discussed the process. His success was in land, funeral homes, grave plots, graveyards, capstones, cremation ect... (kinda a gloomy industry if you ask me). With most of my education geared toward corporate business, this last semester has been a breath of fresh air and sparked more of my interests than prior semesters primarily because of the formerly mentioned class, business strategy, and intermediate economics. Up till now, I think all I've received is a pound of theory, which I think has been half as valuable as the ounce of business experience I've had from businesses in my family and my very small "lawn maintenance" business. College seems wasteful.

    Anyways, my questions for you Jarod is:

    Did you benchmark anyone? Were you mentored? Or are you self-taught?
    (You observed operations of landscaping companies in college so I guess I'm asking more about the way you grew in the management side of business)

    When did the rubber meet the road for you to decide that you didn't want to work for the man and do you ever envy that less stressful life? How did you evaluate your opportunity costs?

    I don't think you fart rainbows or anything I just really enjoy hearing how successful people find their passion, drive, and wisdom in business. I enjoy the "listen weedhoppa" posts you write.
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    Gardens this is a good Question!!!!!
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    Now we’re getting deep, but that’s okay because they are good questions so I’ll do my best to answer them as accurately as possible.

    Did I benchmark anyone? I wouldn’t say I benchmark any one person, I’ve observed many, studied quite a few, read books, and made lots of mental notes. I have a core group of successful small business owners that I seek counsel from on occasion, none of which are in the green industry though. Having a college education helped, but one can only learn so much from a classroom setting. I did teach myself quite a few things, ironically from quietly watching those who I knew wouldn’t succeed, all while making a list of things I promised myself I’d never do. I would say the combination of having a business early on in life, selling it, going to college, working for 3-4 different companies while in college, and then proceeding with ETW is what has brought me to this point in life. That and the grace of God. Face it, its 20 years of education, I didn’t learn everything overnight, and I’m still learning.

    When did the rubber meet the road? Funny you should ask that. Probably one night, about a year after college while working for another landscaping company, I turned to my wife and said do I really want to start all this on my own again, it’s so much work or do I just want to work 9-5. My wife convinced me that’s where I belong, with my own company again. So I actually left that landscaping company and drove ready mix truck for a year to clear my mind. It’s the first time in my life I worked out of the green industry. I always wanted to drive truck so I figured why not with a college education and get completely out of the landscape industry to see if I really missed it. I don’t regret driving truck, not for a minute, learned more, and while in that cab began to make notes on a small notepad. I still have that small notepad today tucked away. In that notepad were the notes that led to the vision for this company.

    Do I ever envy the less stressful life? I think it really comes down to how much you let the stress run your life. Is there stress? Absolutely, you build $500k back yards and see if there’s not stress. Do I let it control me and my family, no. Life goes on, every day is a new beginning, and you take it one day at a time. The stress you create trickles down to your employees, customers, and bottom line. Learn how to deal with it effectively and it won’t cripple you or your company.

    Opportunity costs? Patience and persistence.

    Hope this helps some.
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    Here are a few updates. Currently we have three major builds under construction all at once, but I'd rather have it that way than the other. We're experiencing our busiest fall in 10 years. I know we are a minority with that, but we'll take it.

    The first pic is the product layout for the CAD plans shown back a few pages on 110. Let me explain this so I don't get a bunch of questions. The cream (or lighter color) is all travertine. The lower area that was originally stamped concrete has gone to travertine as well. All the dark brown areas are EPHenry 6x6 Harvest Blend Brown that will accent all the travertine and form a paver walkway around the pool on a 45. This is probably one of my top three most favorite projects. I will post some pics of it in the next few weeks as the pools are shot and the footers go in for the walls.

    The second and third pics are of another pool job that we have going. Keep in mind the top plan is NOT the bottom project. This will have an outdoor kitchen as well, and will do the driveway at the end. There's probably 5000 sf going in there as well.

    We are hiring rapidly and are seeing the cream of the top in incredibly qualified guys come to us. I'd like to think we are positioning ourselves well for the future as we see other companies dropping off.

    KR 1 Plan.jpg


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    Never seen a ride on roller that small....

    Keep us updated, you do some awesome work...
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    how is the compaction on the ride on roller versus a large plate compactor
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    Sweet lookin job! Keep the pics comin!

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