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Discussion in 'Original Pictures Forum' started by etwman, Dec 20, 2002.

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    Here's one just a couple of inches bigger:

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    I'm glad you werent serious about the craftsman.
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    2001 Freightliner FL-70, 26000 GVW. Air Brakes, Air Ride, CAT Diesel, 6 spd. Fuller.

    Body, Switch-n-Go System with three bodies. Light material body allowing 17 cy. of material, flatbed with beavertail, and mason dump body. Bodies can dump at 60 degrees or can be switched out in less than 2 minutes allowing you to leave bodies on jobsites for a crew to work out of depending on the job. It has a 15,000 lb lift capacity allowing you to load a skid loader on the ground, strap in down, and pull it up onto the truck for transport. In addition you can piggy back bodies back to your shop if you end up having more than one on site.

    Tool box in between allows for a variety of landscape tools and wheelbarrows. It also has a 6 foot alluminum slide out ramp to allow you to load bededgers, saws, spreaders etc.

    Two 6' long diamond plated tool boxes will be mounted under the bed shortly.

    Hands down for the dollar spent on this truck we will never again purchase a 3500 or 4500 series truck. It's 3 times the truck at the same price. The days of tying up one truck, for one use, and the rest of the time letting it sit and rot are a thing of the past. We will have a custom bed done this fall which will have our salt spreader permanently mounted to pull on in a moments notice. In addition we are working on a job site box that we will drop at the start of a project and pick up at its conclusion.


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    photo #2 of Freightliner addition

    freightliner 2.jpg
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    photo #3 of freightliner addition

    freightliner 3.jpg
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    So what all trucks/equip. do you have now?!?
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    Too many things to list. We'll take a 2004 photo shoot in a couple of weeks and post the latest shot. In this industry you have to think smart about equipment purchases. You can spend a tremendous amount of money on equipment that is absolutely worthless. This truck was a win win and the next one will be identical so that we can swap bodies between the two. I speak on behalf of alot of guys out there, you overload too many trucks. It's a huge, huge liability. Take a 3500 with a dump bed, throw 3000 lbs in it and your just about maxed out. Take this truck and you can carry 11,000 pounds, have the engine and the trans to do it, not be overweight, and have a truck that will outlast any smaller dump truck. Consider the true costs guys.

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    hey etwman.........where did you buy that truck at? we are currently spec-ing out a 10 wheeler hooklift truck and id be interested what dealer/location you got yours from. thats one nice truck. yours doesnt appear to be a hooklift, so does yours only angle to dump and switch containers?
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    Hey Matt listen up on the hook lift. We were about 5 hours away from ordering one. We stopped. You will spend considerably more, won't get the dump angle, and will get fustrated. I've talked with guys that have them and the end up climbing up in the body and shoveling material out. The reason we went this route is we're not switching bodies out 8 times a day like trash haulers. We may do it 3 times a week. We bought the cab and chassis in Charlotte and had the fabrication done in Hershey. By the time all was said and done we had no more than $37,000 in the truck with all the bodies. You can't beat it, it's built sturdy, maybe not as beefy as a hooklift, but it works for the landscaper and works well.

    It does angle to dump. It's quite simple but works well. It's basically a hoist setup just like a dump truck but it has a winch at the top of the hoist closest to the front of the body. Simply lift the hoist and gravity lets you lower the body off slowly with the hoist.

    Hope this helps some.

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    wow J, looks phenomenal. very classy.

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