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Discussion in 'Original Pictures Forum' started by etwman, Dec 20, 2002.

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    That looks great! I like that Freightliner in the first picture too.
  2. Twitchy

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    I gotta say this one of the best threads on this site for company growth and work pics. Congrats. Is that a topcon laser level in the driveway pics? If so how do you like it, i've been looking at that brand laser for about a week and heard mixed reviews. Also when you guys lay radius borders do you cut the border paver to make the curve tight or just fill the void in w/ poly sand. The reason i'm asking is because one of the patio pics looks like there are some big voids where the border separates the walk and the patio. I notice that you guys do everything but waterfalls especially into the pools, how come? Check out my threads w/ pics let me know what you think , i would appreciate your opinion. Thanks etwman.
  3. etwman

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    You won't go wrong with Topcon Lasers, at least that's my opinion. Get a self leveling one, and more often than not you can get a good deal on one at a winter trade show.

    Most of our border we cut gaps larger than 1/8", smaller than that are usually poly sanded. You can argue that process up and down, but there has to be a happy medium. This entire patio hasn't been sanded yet because of the cold weather. Most of the gaps will be adjusted (or cut) before sanding. It'll take 2-3 skids of sand and a day with a crew to sand this whole project with the driveway.

    We have done several waterfalls ourselves, the pool company did this one.
  4. DVS Hardscaper

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    Jarod, 'ol Buddy.......I must agree, the border gaps are quite wide.

    A few years ago we put in this 600 SF lead walk. It didn't have a straight edge anywhere. And we mitered EVERY paver, just as we done with all our jobs.

    When we finished the client said to me "Mr. Hardscape, you didn't tell me you were going to miter the border. That makes a world of difference. I suggest that in the future you inform your propsective clients that you do this because they may end up going with another contractor who doesn't miter the border, it's a win win for everyone"

    Ever since I have taken his kind advice to heart.
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    Boarder gaps are too large but thats how they are in almost every job posted in this thread. And don't try to tell us you still have to cut them. That wont work now.

    I am also alittle concerned with how the wall is stepped up in the last pic. Thats a bigger proablem then then big gaps on the pavers.
  6. etwman

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    Like I said anything over an 1/8" we mitre. Most of the pavers around the pool were mitred. I don't have to come up with excuses or explanations. We do what we do and everyone is entitled to their own opinion, which is fine. There's probably 3-4 there at the walkway border that could be mitred. I don't think we've been in business for 10 years, grown an average of 21% each year, have the backlog we do, and land the size projects we've done because our work is shady.

    Matt, I'll assure you the wall will be fine when everything is excavated.
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    I agree there are a few by the walkway but I would like to see some projects from other one here who don't post pics I have seen some real hacked up patios over the years. P.S the patio looks bad ass I can't wait to see some pics of the entire project!
  8. etwman

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    I think Jeff posts a good point. There is no perfect company. There are things we have done that I wish would have done differently, but you know what you learn and improve. The first company that fails to continue learning is in trouble. Have we ever had a failed project, no, matter of fact we haven't had a recall in 3 1/2 years. The first company to admit they are perfect needs to take a hard look at their work.
  9. Real Green

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    That is so true and so often forgotten by many in this industry. Very good words for everyone to conduct business by! Thank you.
  10. etwman

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    Realized I didn't post these after construction. We have plans to add two more offices, security system/cameras, and a few other things. Outdoor display area material is being finalized. Reception area, my office, and the conference room pictured.

    Heard today of a leading hardscape manufacturer that shut down all manufacturing facilities for two months and laid off 130 employees, sign of the times I suppose.

    Office 1.jpg

    Office 2.jpg

    Office 3.jpg

    Office 4.jpg

    Office 5.jpg

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