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Discussion in 'Original Pictures Forum' started by etwman, Dec 20, 2002.

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    thanks for all the info on the trucks it really does make sense to get one like you have rather just a dedicated dump. is it hard to dump/clean out the container once it is full? what do you do angle it down and drive off to bring the material out? looks like you have you stuff together. nice pics of all of the trucks thanks again for the info.
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    Funny you should mention dump angle. We looked into hook-lifts and were concerned about the dump angle and material not flowing out of the containers. The dump angle on the system we bought is 75 degrees. We have never had an issue. Everything comes right out. One of the other nice things with this set-up is that on occassion we'll run stone dust or sand out to landscape paver projects. You can put 5 ton of material in the mason body, tilt it about half way up, and back it off the truck until it is just off the ground. This allows you to very easily shovel it into a wheelbarrrow with the back of the body only being 18" off the ground. This way you don't have lost or dumped material all over the ground. Option 2 is just set the thing on the ground and pull into it with a skid loader and scoop out whatever you need. It's like a portable mulch/stone bin.

    Hope this helps some. I wouldn't be the least concerned with the dump angle.
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    Was wondering if you had any more pictures of your equipment? Love the pictures so far. Love the international set up. Going to have to get me one. Thanks for all the good info.
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    Several of you emailed me on how we put these truck together and what all is envolved. After looking at our contracted sales for 2005 we found no choice but to move forward with another freightliner. After more searching than i care to admit this truck was located and purchased last Thursday. It's a 2000 FL-70 33,000 GVW with 140,000 miles. I paid a little more than I would have liked ($19,500) but for some reason this search was a little more difficult. Same CAT engine as our others, a fleet. On friday (and i apologize I didn't take pics) we removed the box and torched the last six feet of frame off right up to behind the rear spring hanger. It's now at the paint shop where the cab and chassis will be painted metallic black.

    On friday the underbody toolboxes were ordered along with stainless steel mirrors, bracketes, bumber, grill, rims, and airhorns. A visor from Lund is on its way. The tool box behind the cab is being fabricated at another site. Nextel will put a hands free system is this truck (like all the others) which has an auxillary antenna, speaker in the cab, cradle for the phone which charges the phone while in the base, and the push to talk button which is mounted on the stick shift so shifting and talking couldn't be easier. From the paint shop it will go to get the switch and go on and the bumper fabricated. After this is all on it will be lettered and loaded with tools. Projected day for this truck to be on its first jobsite is March 14...let's see if it happens.

    misc photos 002.jpg
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    pretty sweet. We are working on getting our roll-off truck with in the next week. then we are gonna fabricate the frame so the back of the frame hydraulically folds underneath the truck when we are using it as a dump vehicle because normally the roll off extends all the way to the ground, and it would drag if we are dumping material. Definately post some pics of your rig when its done. ours probably will be 2-3 weeks before pics.
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    ETWMAN - Great to find you here! I actually picked up a Hanover book w/ your card on it from the Patio & stove place on Rt. 322. You did a great job on that project. We are located right down the street (Rt 222) in Mohnton. Your operation looks top notch. We have many of the same ideals as businessmen. We are actually planning to open up a satellite in Lancaster/Ephrata. I would love to get together w/ you. Maybe we can strike up a business relationship and trade some services. Shoot me an email to discuss.

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    You have an awesome story to tell and pictures to back up your success, which gives the newbies inspiration to succeed as you have....keep it up!! :)
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    You have created quite a business up there in PA, congrats on the new Freightliner. A lot of us in Florida would so so look up to you with a lot of respect. Keep up the good work :)
    Here's some of my landscaping work I have been working on.



    before new lantana.JPG

    after 2.JPG
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    I'm going to vear off this subject a little to reply to your recent comments. To the guys down in Florida and Texas I commend you for running businesses that deal with a 12 month season. I am pretty well spent after 9 months and could not imagine a 12 month cycle. With that I'm sure comes increased competitition as well. For this ... hat's off to you. For me, I enjoy my winters off.

    Mr. Martinez. I'm glad I can inspire some of you guys. I hope for each of you the best in sucess in the upcoming year. It had been a big chess game for us over the past 5 years, this didn't all of a sudden happen. I finally feel that over the past year we have reached the summit that I was climbing for. Our landscape projects now average $38,931 for an installation, and we have raised our minimum dollar amount on them this year. Word of mouth is critical, our advertising budget was .8% of our sales for last year. Our image, professionalism, and references pave the way to every project we do. Our retention rate (and i say this to encourage you not to brag because it is doable) is 92% of everything we quote. That is a big change from 2 years ago. When our phone rings now I know someone is on the other end that wants us to do their project. For 2005 we have reached a serious fork in the road that forces some critical decisions. Two weeks ago I passed all of our 2004 sales numbers for contracted work for 2005. We don't have many time slots left for this year but people continue to call. On Friday afternoon i met with a couple of a fairly large house in a historic part of the area. Once again based on a previous customer's referral. I had a plan done for them and presented it to them at this follow up meeting. I had no formal proposal done for them, I just wanted to go over the plans and ideas. Three times they wanted to give me a sizable deposit to hold time slot in our schedule. I declined. I needed to go back to the office and punch some numbers to see even if i could fit them in. We have reached a point that we are going to have to decide 1. how big we're going to get? 2. do we raise the minumum? or 3 are we much more selective on what we take on? It's not an easy decision in the least bit, probably the toughest one yet.

    Employees have not been an issue for us. Two weeks ago I decided we need to bring three on full time with benefits. This process will include putting the word out through friends at the church and locally that we are hiring. The current employees also do some probing. Within a week i was flooded with calls and two are already hired. The foreman make the final decision, I stand back as only a bystander. This relinquishes me of conflict issues on a crew. One of my biggest pet peaves is making sure that each and every guy is happy with what they do. We have a really neat trust relationship here amongst all of us and I want to keep it that way. There's very little I wouldn't do for anyone of them. I believe that the guys really enjoy working here and would hope you would get the same response from talking with any of them.

    I say this as an encouragement to all of you out there. Once you get above that cloud line you are in a whole new world. I'm not saying all of this to rant and rave. I'd sit down with any of you over a cup of coffee to lend an ear or hand. This is doable for any of you. As the season draws closer I wish each of you the best of luck. Think wisely with every move you make.

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    Per your emails here are a couple of project pics from 2004.

    LT Before.JPG

    LT After.JPG

    YD 1.JPG

    SS 1.JPG

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