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    etwman, Thank you for your words and help. I for one appreciate and will take them to heart. Though you do not say them to brag you have a right to be proud. I am not where you are yet but plans are in that direction.
    Also, good luck with the growth. Going to the next level is always a little exciting as well as rewarding.
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    Thank you, etwman
    I think you are one of the largest inspirations to all of us. I can tell from your last post a lot of your success has to do with your respect for your employees.
    I really enjoy reading and following this post that is showing the tremendous growth of a company. may god keep blessing you with great employees, a customer base that never ends and growth that continues at a impressive rate.
    you do excellent work and are receiving great rewards for that.
    steve :waving:
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    ETW- Those are some nice Japanese Maples in one of those after pictures. Do you maintain that account too? If you don't mind me asking where did you go to college?
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    We don't maintain that account. That was strictly a build project. Those Japanese Maples, one was there the other was brought in for the install. Actually we have been very selective on our grounds care accounts and have actually scaled back slightly thus allowing more room to expand our landscape division. Will we continue grounds care in future years? Don't know, ask me in 12 months. My foreman say no, I'm not quite sure.

    College.... Messiah College in Central PA for a BA in Human Resource Management. Then a couple of Penn State courses on top of that. Been contimplating some more classes but maybe in time. Right now i have a great family and wife I'd like to spend time with.

    Prior to college i had a small lawn care business in central jersey where i grew up with my parents. It was big for a teenager and fun but too much responsibity at such a young age. I didn't know money management too well but learned it quick. Good lessons learned. Throughout college I made it a point to work for a different lawn care or landscaping company each summer. When you're in college no one really cares that you leave in August, it's expected. It's a great 4 month education into different landscape companies philosophies. What works ....what doesn't. You learn real quick who's making money and who isn't. I could write a book on just that four year experience in itself. Think about it guys....what would you give to go work for a competitor for four months and educate yourself then return to what your doing? C'mon all rubberneck out the window of your truck when you pass a're curious. Yeah I wouldn't feel write company hopping on a full time basis...a year here....a year there....but college is different. You learn a lot of good info then apply it to college classes. In my opinion college should be 5 years. Study 2, work one in the middle, then go back for the last two. Learning it is one thing, applying it is a different ball game.

    Okay I'm goin' offline, headed to Atlantic City for a conference for a week. I'll check in when I get back.
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    where exactly are you from?
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    ETW, thanks for all of the post they have been very inspirational to many I am sure. I have one question that I would like to get your opinion on. I live in what is still considered somewhat of a rural area. Our local town has a population of about 7,000 with another 45 to 60,000 living out within a 15 mile radius. We have a nice hospital and very good schools which over the last 5 to 7 years has begun to spur developmental growth. However very very seldom do you see or hear of anyone requesting the level of work that you have shared with us. Most is just basic lawn care with bed maintenance and shrub installs. In your opinion is some areas just not prone to requesting this level of work? I would have to drive 50 plus miles one way to get into an area where this type of work is requested more. How do you compare my scenario with your location and what if anything can be done to at least start the trend in an upward direction? Again thanks for all of the post.

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    Hey Bull, where in NC are you talking about. Sounds like EWT might be out for a while. I believe that there will be need or lack of it because of population but almost any area will have some wants of certain work. look at, not only, #of people but income and what is going on in the area to make a decision. No doubt though that a bigger population will have more opportunity
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    Hello PMLAWN, I have seen some of your post and it is nice to see another member near my area. I am just north of you in Elkin. I don't know if you have ever been up to this area but farming is still pretty popular. We do have a few nice developments that are up scale for us. Those homes are in the 300k to 600k price range but there probably isn't more than a hundred or so close by. Now from 250k down those are plentiful. It's not that the price of the home has a lot to do with it as it seems to be more the mentality. Most people around here are more conservative with their money especially with the past economy and everything. Several mfg. businesses have closed. Those who seem to spend big are usually the ones who have moved here from somewhere else such as the doctors and other professional people. However even those seem to be reluctant to spend their money on hardscapes. You can drive by these high end homes and they are just crying out for curb appeal. Everybody seems to sow grass right up to the foundation of the house. Vineyards are rapidly becoming more popular as tobacco is getting pushed out. You however are in an area where I know money is plentiful. With Nascar and the new Lowe's headquarters in your area that place has grown very fast. Also having Lake Norman nearby doesn't hurt either. How is it for you in regards to what type of work do you do - lawncare vs hardscapes?
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    Ha Ha............that mower looks like a wheelchair, like something in a Walmart that folks ride on to get their groceries. :D

    Funny thing is I have a 97 model with a 48" cut..........1600 hours and yes, it will make a very nice cut. I have my Trac-Vac unit set up on it and I do use it every day..........why..............because it still runs and does a good job and it's paaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiidddddddddddddddd duh fooooooooooooooooorrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr payup

    Old, slow, and is up more than it's down. Wish I could say that for some of my other equipment.
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    Alright, here we go. Boy it sounds like you sitting on something there. It's hard to say how soon, or when, but something's gonna give in your direction. It may come down to some unique marketing to get in there but if your the first one to put in an exquisite hardscape project on just one of those homes you'll become a well known contractor. If you want give me a call at my office sometime and I'll chat a little with you.

    Take a look at a couple of things. Where are the larges cities? Are they growing or pusing out? How soon will those people be in your area? Don't go cheap, you'll build the wrong reputation. I know it's hard at first. People will be conservative, we have that in our area too, but if sold correctly they'll be the first ones that will want the nice landscape. If they end up with one, it'll travel right on around the corner.

    Hope this helps some. Sorry it took so long it's been a tough couple of weeks here but I'm starting to feel better.


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