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    I’m not going to deny the fact that we have seen unpredictable growth this year. Our 15th employee starts Monday. Our building is full and the business has required a lot more of my time to maintain operations, sales, and efficiencies. The next move(s) by the end of the year will have to be the addition of key office personnel. I will not continue at this pace without those implementations.

    Will there be a #6, #7 or # 8? Four years ago I wouldn’t have said there would be a #5 so it’s difficult to predict. A building addition will have to take place before much more can be added, which I’ve been advised is easily doable. For now we’ll take this business where our clients want to take us, but maintain control over the company. Remember what I said, more equipment isn't often the best idea. Equipment isn't an investment unless it can be used to make money. Financing new equipment in a wild time right now about makes me throw up, but that's just me. Are we immune to the economic volatility? No, but we are making key marketing moves to buck the trend and are changing the game as many are playing it.
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    I think it's been asked before, so if you've given the specifics before, my apologies, I just don't know on which of the hundreds of pages here the answer will be on.

    I know you're very anti-financing, especially right now. But, when you started.. Did you guys have some sort of start-up loan? What was the strategy behind it and did you pay it off asap or wait until it ran out?

    I love going back and reading how you hope to add mowing accounts, etc, and now the company is something completely different. A lot of people probably wouldn't have seen the oportunity... But it stands to show why you let your customers control where your company goes, not vica versa.

    Great work... Hopefully you get the chance every now and then to admire what you've put together... You really have something great with the company. (Although I'd still like to see you run AIG... Probably turn that company into something nice! )
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    Yes we had several start up loans with the onset of the company 10 years ago but eventually got on a track where we wouldn't buy additional equipment unless we could write a check. I believe those loans ran their 3-4 year terms so we could take the extra capitol and buy necessary equipment. Currently equipment isn't worth ten cents. However, I'd sooner park my equipment, take it off the road and if need be sell it for a small percentage of what its worth if I had to gain capitol. Those who are upside down on equipment, and run out of work, will sink fast.

    I'm not opposed to buying a piece of equipment on a LOC if you have too, of course banks would cringe at this. Here's my theory on that. If you have the work lined up, and can pay it off in 3 months or so, than I think that is fine.

    With the dismissal of mowing, and I think I talked about this on another page in detail (which caused a little turmoil) you have to go in a direction where your passion is, and high end design/build is where we wanted to go. Its difficult to be a jack of all trades, offer 100 different services, and do them all correctly with a handful of employees.

    You can have AIG, greed is what spanked the banks in my opinion.

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    I could not agree more Jarod.
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    I had the pleasure of meeting up with Jarod today at his facility while I was in PA for some demos. Aside from the Earth, Turf and Wood facility being impressive, Jarod’s vision and drive for his business and the green industry is unparalleled. I admire everything he has done and will do in the future. As an influential leader, Jarod will continue to move beyond what many in the industry can't comprehend. Thank you for your time Jarod and I look forward to seeing you again soon.
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    Can you tell us more about that putting green? I have a client who wants to put one in and I have no idea about them and I want to know what all is involved in installing one and can it be done by one person with just the instructions that they include in the package. Thanks in advance.
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    There are dozen of different putting green manufacturers out there. Installation time depends on different factors like just turf grass, sand filled, etc. Different manufacturers have different guidelines for installation. Pick a manufacturer, get aquainted with their product, and they'll help you on installation. To answer a question briefly, yes installation should take a day or two.

    Matt great to see you again as always.

    Project A is nearing completion. About another week or two of odds and ends things. All the plantings are in, mulched, sodded, irrigation and lighting are all in. We have a flagstone walkway to put in on the back side of the house, gates hung, and a list of misc. items. We hope to have it professionally shot in the next month.

    KR (45).jpg

    KR (46).jpg

    KR (47).jpg

    KR (48).jpg

    KR (49).jpg
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    Project B is coming along. We installed the irrigation last week in the front, lighting is in, and we are working our way around the back. Flagstone patios are in. Now we are focusing on the plantings, irrigation and lighting in the back yard. We have a July 18th deadline here for phase I which we should make.

    Project D is going on up near Hershey but I don't have any pics. Project A crew will go to Project C here shortly and begin that. That'll be 13 tractor trailer loads of block and pavers. We'll be on that one until the end of the year.

    Dvs comp (24).jpg

    Dvs comp (25).jpg

    Dvs comp (26).jpg

    Dvs comp (27).jpg
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    very very impressive work and operation!!!! Just a few questions if you dont mind me asking.
    1.) did you train your employees or did they have previous knowledge on hardscaping? Because you really got an A+++ operation going.

    2. Also how many years have you been in Business?

    Thanks I look forward to seeing more picts of your work!!!
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    hope the gnarley posts aren't gonna hold that beam up! Project A looks great. What kind of countertop is that ? Concrete? or Granite? Also the cornfields remind me of home.....

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