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Discussion in 'Original Pictures Forum' started by etwman, Dec 20, 2002.

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    That was one of his easier posts to read
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    Thats hott

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    Looks great etwman, just two questions. Where's the color??? No perennials, it kinda looks like a commercial planting. How do you guys install that much mulch? And please don't say wheel barrels. Thanks
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    twitchy if you need a easy way to install alot of mulch FAST look at a zahn fast!!! i was putting down two loads a week (240yrds) for a month and a half strait. with out the zahn i could not have done it.

    next i get my own live bottom trailer and single axle tractor to really rake in the $$. (thats next spring though)
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    There were over 1000 perenials on that project, I will assure you there is color present. I believe there were over 2200 pieces of plant material.

    It took 140 cy of mulch. It was done with skidloaders, wheelbarrows, and a high lift. It didn't take that long.
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    Work looks solid as usual. have you ever thought about stocking your own plants like a nursery or do you already do this? You are really a inspiration to my company and it gives me something to shoot for!! thanks for posting picts of your work:usflag:

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    WOW! Just read the entire thread. Thanks for all the information. Also MR.etw thank you for taking the time to share your knowledge, and answering all these questions. All your work look beautiful and love your equipment and shop.
    Keep up the good work and wishing you continued success. Please keep posting pictures and more info. Any books, articles you recommend about the industry or business in general-please list?
    Again thank you for taking the time to help other.:canadaflag:
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    It a material that claims you don't need gravel and limestone screening, and needs very little if any compaction. A lot of DIY are using it and only laying it 3 inch thick. It's available up here, but don't know about your area.
    Any opinion on this material.
    If your unable to get the link, google High performance bedding,

    Below is what the company that manufactures it claims,

    A stone product that is making waves in the landscape construction trade. High Performance Bedding(tm) is an angular, washed limestone material that is both free draining and deters soil migration.

    As a drainage media, HPB exhibits the benefits of 3/4" clear gravel but is much easier to handle (similar to screenings or granular but without the dirt or small fines that hold water). When placed, it achieves 93 per cent standard Proctor density without the use of compaction equipment. This is of great benefit for under pavers and under and behind retaining walls. It is self compacting to the 93% range and reduces greatly the amount of settling associated with Granular A/B and sand screeding.

    With a density of approximately 1.52 tonnes/cubic metre, it requires 30% less tonnage to fill a hole than Granular A/B. This is a significant cost saving by buying less of a higher value material that requires much less compaction saving time and effort.

    Using HPB eliminates the cost associated with paying to haul two products to the jobsite.

    It has been used recently for numerous large scale landscape jobs including the parking lot at the Oakville Ford of Canada Plant with tremendous results and benefits.

    This same material can be used under and behind retaining walls where drainage is necessary and the need for proper compaction is a must. Having a product that achieves such high compaction rate on initial installation is a time saver and helps prevent ground settling such as around swimming pools and retaining walls.

    1 cubic yard of High Performance Bedding material will cover 100 square feet at 3" thick.

    For your next project consider the advantages of HPB versus Granular A or B and sand screeding. It will save you time, money and reduce greatly the settling associated with other granular base materials. Most heaving of unit pavers is a result of the base material holding water and freezing in the winter months.

    - Excellent for use in Landscape design (walkways, gardens, soil stabilization, playgrounds, backfill for pool walls.

    - Reduces native soil migration, easily flows into tight areas and corners. Ease of placement with a shovel or rake making it highly desirable to the installer.

    We have installed thousands of jobs with HPB.
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