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    Smells like free advertising.
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    If thats what he's trying I'll let you all know its brutal. I've seen first hand that 1 winter will destroy an HPB installed walkway/patio.
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    project B looks great!

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    No sorry, no free advertising. Tried to attach the link, but was unable to so just cut and pasted what was on there site. Tried to google more info on the product but couldn't find any-good or bad. Was just curious about the product.
    Was hoping if anybody had used this product, or what your input was on this product?
    Was wondering if it would work? Would you try it without a gravel base?
    I personally am skeptic and would not use it, especially without a gravel base.
    I own a small property maintenance company in Toronto, doing sodding, flower bed installs, window and evestrough cleaning, spring and fall clean-ups. Been doing it part-time since 2003 and am going into it full-time.
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    Hey, I was on another forum (red flag deals) and alot of homeowners talking about how great this product was.
    Thanks for your reply, I didn't thing it would last up here especially with the freezing and thawing.
    Just curious when you did use it, did you use it solely or with gravel? I guess you will never use it again?:canadaflag:
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    Here's some of project D evolving. The wall will continue on the other side of the house. Tractor trailer loads of block/pavers are coming in each day.

    We'll have a pool, pool house, patio, stairwells, natural stone steppers, large patio, and a few other things on this when its done. Paver work is around 7,000 sf. Right now walls are under construction.

    Wall product is Versa Lok Mosaic.





  7. etwman

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    Here's a few of some past projects we reshot. Peace and tranquility.



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    did you ever rent that cat CTL? if so what were your thoughts on how it ran ?
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    do you work in the field or in the office?
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    Any updates with what you decided to do about equipment?

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