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Discussion in 'Original Pictures Forum' started by etwman, Dec 20, 2002.

  1. nobagger

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    etwman, that is a sweet set up is that a 1ton chevy or a 3/4 ton chevy? and how does it pull that huge trailer
  2. etwman

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    1. To ALarsh - Fleet pic of all the equipment. We tried desperately to get one at the end of last year but were so busy we never found time. We are definitely due, we have a '00, '01, & '02 but it stopped there because it's difficult to find the time. The other dilemna is that where we took the previous shots isn't big enough for all the equipment so we are going to have to move it to another location for a shot. In April we've been asked to host a small business breakfast and meeting with some other businessmen in the area where we will have everything displayed, show samples of our work, and discuss what makes this business run. Hopefully it'll be a nice Saturday and we can rent a bucket truck for a couple good shots. I'll post them as soon as I can, but this year we will have a fleet shot.

    2. Mark, I don't know where it should be located. We talk about equipment but then again I get into discussions about business practices. It's the most viewed threat in all of lawnsite you tell me where it belongs.

    3. Nobagger, check my previous post on the other page where I talk about the Chevy, maybe that'll help some. Oh and it is a HD 3/4 ton. To go to a 1 ton anymore it has to be a dually.
  3. mdb landscaping

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    hey etwman, awhile back i picked your brain on hooklift versus roll-off. well today we took delivery of our roll-off. check it out. gotta go through it, strip it down paint it, and customize our containers and hydroseeder. i love this thread. cant wait to see what you second truck done looks like.

    roll-off 003.jpg
  4. Boycea

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    MDB, thats a nice truck, did you get any bodies with it, or do you have to purchase them separately. When is it supposed to be ready to be put to work?

    Etwman, are you located anywhere near the Haulmark trailer factory in Pennsylvania?
  5. etwman

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    Okay, so it was a nice Saturday and I decided to pull the trucks out. They were pretty clean so I grabbed the camera. We're short one vehicle in this shot but at least I got a shot for those of you who have been requesting one. I didn't bother with the trailers and the rest of the equipment, I'll do that shot later this year. The new Freightliner is about 95% done (Truck #4). We need to stock it with tools, airhorns need to go on, and a few minor details. All in all it turned out pretty good. I was truly impressed with the fabrication done on the alluminum toolbox by a local welder, this one should hold up longer. Enjoy.

    Fleet 1.jpg

    Fleet 2.jpg

    Fleet 3.jpg

    Fleet 4.jpg

    Fleet 5.jpg
  6. Triple L

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    hay etw, you said you are going to be in the march issue of turf magazine. I got turf central and looked but I did not see anything about you in there. Are you going to be in the next issue.
  7. carlriv

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    you said

    "From there we set the complete system on, drill 8 holes, and bolt it on."

    I know you need to hook up the electric, but is the rest of it really that easy?

    I know it does not look difficult.
  8. etwman

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    Triple L - That was the March 2004 issue of Turf we were in ....not 2005. It was a fairly short article just talking about equipment.

    Carlriv - The main hoist system is pretty much that simple. Yes there is some electrical work to be done and it really depends on what kind of hitch system you want. With this last truck we fabricated it to hold a 20 ton pintle hitch as well as a reciever hitch. In addition we ran air lines to the back. It really depends on whether you plan on pulling a trailer as far a how involved you get. If you want a simple switch and go system than yes it's pretty much that simple. Mount the system, connect the hoist electrical lines to the battery, and mount a simple controller in the cab and your done. Hope this helps some.
  9. TerraVenture

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    Do you have any before shots of the fl70's prior to fabrication?
  10. etwman

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    You know what I don't. And every time we went to move the truck from one fabricator to another I kicked myself for not grabbing the camera before running out of the office. This one went together real quick. One guy down in Philly mounted the switch and go and did all my hitch fabrication, while another guy up here in Lancaster did the alluminum box. The dealer we bought if from removed the old box and had the cab painted. Other than lettering it really only made three stops. The small odds and ends we did at our shop. Sorry I didn't grab more shots. I pretty much have the original yellow Freightliner shots posted earlier and then the end result. When we build the next one I'll leave the camera in that truck.

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