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Discussion in 'Original Pictures Forum' started by etwman, Dec 20, 2002.

  1. TerraVenture

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    I noticed you had a overseeder for your tractor in one of your posted pictures. Do you use that for renovation only or do you use it for both renovation and installing new lawns. If so, do you find it works better than hydroseed. I am going to get a lesco sliceseeder this year for renovations and a hydroseeder for establishing lawns. I just wanted to get you two cents on how you establish a new lawn down where you are.
  2. etwman

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    That is a Harley Pro 8 Power Rake on the back. We usually power rake then drill seed with a 72" seeder. We haven't done much lawn installation in the past year or so. That unit was primarily purchased for a development we did lawn installations for a local builder which consisted of about 100 lawns back in 2002/03. I've pretty much closed the book on dealing with builders, too much disorganization. If they want us it's on my terms. Currently the only time we do an lawn install is if we're finishing up a big landscape project for a customer and they want to make sure the lawn is installed correctly.

    We debated a hydroseeder but if I went that route it was going to be big. In addition hydrants or a local water supply in that development was hard to come by. I think your fine going either route. Another good preseeder is made by ATI. I think it's their model 806, great innovation. Although with any good lawn installation a good finish grade and proper drainage is key.
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    Are you looking to sell your harley rake?
  4. etwman

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    Probably not but I do know of a couple others in the area that are for sale. had one for sale not too long ago in thier used department. Not sure where you're located at but they are in New Holland PA.
  5. Patrick.B

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    Three JD Riders and one WB to cut little yard like this ,,,Nice equipments but how you pay these guys ?
  6. jreiff

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    After all said and done, what was the total cost of the truck, the finished product- hoist, box, tool storage, paint, etc....

    Love how they look. Telling the boss about it. I think that they would be the ideal truck to have with the different size & types of boxes that you have with it.

    Love all the pictures and the great inof that you have to share. Keep up the good work.
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    Man those trucks sure are nice but how do you manage to turn around in subdivisons and how do you back up onto a driveway say if you have to deliver a load of topsoil or something. Again nice rucks by the way though.
  8. etwman

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    J reiff - Total cost on this truck all said and done was around $45,000.00 Now, you could easily do it for less (probably shave $5k-$7k) but we put a bunch into dressing it up and making it match the other one. In addition we had some air line and increased fabrication costs with doing the back bumper up for a heavy trailer. Plus we paid a little more for the cab and chassis than I would have liked. Still, you're not going to put together a new 33,000 GVW truck that looks like that with all those options for $45000 I don't care where you go.

    Lawn Kid - You'd be surprised, really, where you can stick those trucks. They're not as big as they look ...only about 22' long if that. They're not all that much longer than a crew cab long bed pick up. My guys can stick those things anywhere you could put a 3500 hands down. They're good and they all have their CDL's. The only thing you have to watch on occassion is soft ground but that's a little common sense.
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    Here my truck and Equipments Mar21357.JPG (172.1 KB)

  10. Patrick.B

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    Mar21352.JPG (191.3 KB)


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