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Discussion in 'Original Pictures Forum' started by etwman, Dec 20, 2002.

  1. PlatinumLandCon

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    Are the joints in the irregular flag just soil to support groundcover plant material or are they sand? Jagged edge and irregular stone & steps lends itself to plant material in the joints IMO. Job looks good
  2. etwman

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    Screened topsoil and compost for small joint plantings between the flagstone, which will be installed soon. No stone dust or poly sand in these applications.
  3. JRP LLC

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    Nice work. I noticed the 323d I'm guessing that is a rental? How does it compare to the older jd ctl's? Ever had a 333d?
  4. deere615

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    that pool is very nice, I like the natural stone steps in it, something I would like in my back yard someday!
  5. etwman

    etwman LawnSite Bronze Member
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    We've put about 80 hours on the new 323D.

    The 323D was released too early before they figured out some things. JD dropped the ball on a couple things there and have admitted it. There are some significant improvements but there are some definite questions marks. You could take a bath in the cab as its one of the nicer cab setups out there, extremely quiet.

    Lift capacity on the new 323D is less than the old CT322, which is pretty dumb. One thing you don't want to sacrifice is lift capacity. The 323 is a bigger, more powerful machine but lifts less. It has some code issues too that they aware of and trying to work on.

    In my opinion, I don't think I'd run out and buy one off the new lineup quite yet. Give them a year to work out the bugs, then go get one.
  6. JRP LLC

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    Thanks every new machine is bound to have a few problems. Are you still cutting grass or just hardscape?
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  7. lifetree

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    Man, the moderators should kill this thread ... any thread more than 100 pages should be sentenced to death !!
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    What would any possible benefit of that be besides aiding someone who doesnt want to look through all 200 pages??
    This site already has a cluster f*ck of threads, the last thing we need to do is force people to start another thread when they already have a good one going, pointless IMO.
  9. S&MLL

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    Your landscape and stone work is beautiful. But have you ever thought of bringing in a lighting designer. Your projects from what I have seem really lack the pop your high end builds deserve. Is that unique paths I see? You should really be installing some spec grade lighting. Also those post lights imho are very very unattractive.
  10. etwman

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    We have begun using a industry leader in lighting design early this year. He is working hand in hand with our RLA. The results are very noticable. The lamp post lights in our previous project we didn't really design. They were already there, or the homeowner placed them.

    Our lighting projects are no longer 5-10 fixtures, it has evovled into multiple 1200 watt transformers and dozens of fixtures.

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